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MUST WATCH – Citizen Radio’s Jamie Kilstein On Religion, Same Sex Marriage and Gay Adoption – Video

To every heterosexual, mentally abusive, closet racist, fast-food-feeding, let-your-kid-run-around-the-mall-like-a-psycho parent: why do you have, like, nine fucking kids, yet you say gay folks can’t adopt because it might screw the kid up. And I know that America thinks everytime a gay couple adopts a child it forces otherwise straight and homophobic pastor Ted Haggart to hire a gay male prostitute and engage in a week long meth-induced fuck spree. I know. He didn’t want to do it, you guys, but then a gay couple adopted and forced him to take an injection of another male prostitute cock. I know, I get it. But I say just because your man-bits fit into some girl-bits doesn’t mean you should have kids. Do you know how many straight people shouldn’t have kids? Go to a movie theater or a IHOP on a Sunday. And don’t tell us two men or two women in the bedroom may cause a child to question his sexuality. Any kid basing his sex life on the sounds coming from his parents bedroom is already fucked beyond repair. If God designed marriage for a man and women, then God is failing. That is below failing, just look at straight and homophobic pastor Ted Haggart, who’s married with children but hired a gay male prostitute to shame-fist him into a meth coma. But you say being gay is being immoral? Really? More immoral than shame-fisting? Because I’d rather have my kids raised by the flaming queer couple down the street than have them spend another night at the church with Father Diddlyhands. Is that why you want adoption restricted, Church? You keeping all the young ones for yourself? If you really think that a child should only be raised by a married couple then I have an idea, let the gays marry assholes! These are people will raise a child for a better reason than the condom broke. You give me one valid argument beside “But God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Really? Because by the looks of it Adam and Eve fucked up big time and maybe Adam should have explored better options. So stop fucking telling us that the Bible says that being gay is unnatural, because I’ve read the Bible and there is a lot of unnatural shit that happens in that book. I would say that a dude dying and rising from the dead in a zombiesque fashion is far less natural than me sucking a cock. Because at least, cocksucking you can prove.”Jamie Kilstein, of Citizen Radio on “The Green Room with Paul Provenza”. @jamiekilstein on Twitter

” Adam and Eve fucked up big time and maybe Adam should have explored better options” 


I want it on a tee shirt!

Canadian Parliament Debates Zombie Apocalypse Preparations: Zombies Don’t Recognize Borders

Caution Zombies ahead

At Wednesday’s House of Commons meeting, Winnipeg Parliament member Pat Martin asked Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird about zombie apocalypse preparations. What followed was a debate that has created YouTube viral gold. Martin asks for the government to put in place measures for dealing with an invasion of zombies.

Martin said,

“I don’t need to tell you, Mr. Speaker, that zombies don’t recognize borders. Zombie invasion in the United States could easily turn into a continent-wide pandemic if it’s not contained.

On behalf of concerned Canadians everywhere, I want to ask the minister of foreign affairs, is he working with his American counterparts to develop an international zombie strategy so that a zombie invasion does not turn into a zombie apocalypse?”

Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird responded to Martin saying., “Mr. Speaker, I want to assure this member and all Canadians that I am dead-i-cated to ensuring that this never happens. I want to say categorically to this member and through him to all Canadians that under the leadership of this prime minister, Canada will never become a safe haven for zombies. Ever!”

Oh Canada.  You are so awesome.

And Canadian Parliament members have great taste in neckties.

Video GritTV: John Fugelsang: Stop Calling it Bullying

The TOTALLY awesome actor, comedian, political commentator takes on the word “bullying” and how it makes a horrible dangerous thing seem less threatening.

Oh and by the way before anyone gets any ideas since John is hotter than hell..  Unfortunately John is STR8 but he is one of the best and most oustpoken LGBT ally’s we have.


INCOGNEGRO: Black Progressive Media Goes Undercover At GOP’s "Right Online" Conference In Minneapolis

While I and about 2500 other Progressive bloggers, media people and acvocates wandered around the Netroots Nation Exhibit Hall on Friday night  Elon James White of This Week in Blackness and Blacking It Up and Cheryl Contee (Jill Tubman) of Jack & Jill Politics infiltrated the Right Online conference masquerading as black conservatives!

I look hard for people of color in the audience. There’s a black hotel security guy at the door but not sure he counts. There’s the brother in a grey suit sitting next to us. Middle-aged, I’d guess. And hey, is that Dinesh D’Souza over there?

Conscious that our every move is being watched, I use jazz club rules and clap hard every time the audience claps. Black conservatives tend to be pretty hardcore as if they have something to prove so I also nod my head a lot. Elon claps at first but then mostly folds his arms in front of his chest and scowls at the proceedings. I clap and nod even harder to compensate. We mostly communicate with each other via our iPads. We also keep an eye on both the #RO11 and #NN11 twitter streams. Elon and I agree not to tweet until later in the afternoon (despite desperately wanting to live tweet the hell out of Right Online from the inside) so as not to blow our cover. Again, we knew we were being watched.

PLEASE head over to Jack & Jill Politics and give the article a read.  Its amazing

Great work by Elon James White and Cheryl Contee.

 I am just so not worthy

Video – LGBT Hero Nick Espinosa GLITTERIZES Newt Gingrich At Anti-Gay Minnesota Family Council Event

Last night Newt Gingrich and his current wife were participating in a book signing before the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council’s annual dinner in Minneapolis when new LGBT hero Nick Espinosa opened a box containing glitter and dumped it over the two of them and yelled Feel the rainbow Newt. Stop the hate. Stop the anti-gay politics. It’s dividing our country and it’s not fixing the economy.!

ABC News

The glitter culprit is Nick Espinosa, a 24 year old unemployed non profit worker turned social activist from Minneapolis, Minn. Espinosa worked with a non-profit helping unemployed people for two years before being laid off due to budget cuts. His encounter with Newt on Tuesday was in protest to Gingrich’s stance on gay marriage.

“Today, I invited Newt to feel the rainbow because he decided to bring his anti-gay politics to my state,” Espinosa told ABC News Tuesday night. “Newt has a long history of anti-gay politics and has chosen to focus on divisive social issues instead of working to fix our economy. I don’t think a free will adulterer like Newt has any ground to stand up while telling others who they can and can’t love.”

And this isn’t Nick Espinosa’s , (who I now want to marry) first stylized protest God love him.

In 2009 Nick infiltrated a Tea Party rally against immigration, in which he developed a fake name, Robert Erickson, to obtain a spot on the speaker’s list.  Espinosa delivered a speech focused on anti-European immigration in which he talked about Christopher Columbus and chanted “Columbus Go Home!”  In July 2009, he dumped 2,000 pennies on Tom Emmer, a Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota, as a “tip” in protest against a proposal to cut wages for servers and bartenders

I bow to Nick Espinoza.  A brave American and a true LGBT hero! 

Now if we could just get like 2 Million more of him we just might win.

James Franco: "I Made A Sex Tape."

James Franco, the kewlest and hottest dude in the universe spoke along with other likely Oscar nominees in Newsweek, and when the discussion turned to on-screen sex scenes The Franco made a shocking confession.

I think if anybody who has made a home sex tape knows, what feels best doesn’t always look best,” he said. “I remember when I was 19 doing that, and then watching it back and thinking, oh, that looks horrible… You have a lot of respect for those actors in pornography, because they are really not just doing it, they’re really selling it.”


PRESENTING: The Miss TSA 2011 Pin-Up Calendar!

Created by a German agency for a Japanese computer display company called EIZO, the calendar models  are REALLY just good CGI and have nothing to do with the TSA.  So noone out there get your panties in a bunch

The calendars are available for purchase on eBay

And Goddammit I wish I thought of this!