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Two Gay Men Brutally Murdered In New York City In 3 Day Span

The New York City Anti-Violence Project is reporting the brutal murders of two older gay men in New York City that occurred over a three-day span.

Charles Romo, age 48, was found dead by his housekeeper on Monday morning, January 28 in his Hamilton Heights apartment in Manhattan.  He had been beaten and bound and was wearing only underwear when the body was discovered.

In a  separate homicide, David Rangel,  53, was found dead in his apartment on Saturday, January 26 in Jackson Heights, Queens.  According to the  New York Daily News, Rangel had been choked to death and the police are investigating Rangel’s death as a homicide and that it is believed that he may have met his assailant online.

The AVP  has seen a noticeable increase in reports of violence connected with online dating hook-up sites and apps, and has posted a number of safety tips online.

PLEASE check them out and please always be careful.

Gay Basher Gets 45 Day Sentence for Assaults on Three Gay Men Because NYC Judge Ronald A. Zweibel Doesn’t Think Calling People "Faggot" And Beating Them Constitutes A Hate Crime


In 2009 during Gay Pride Weekend  and the 40th Anniversary os the Stonewall Riots, Driton Nicaj committed three assaults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, including one attack on a gay man which was originally charged as a hate crime.  And what was his sentence?  45 days.  Because the Judge who heard the case, Judge Ronald A. Zweibel dismissed the hate crime elements like callinf domeone “faggot,” while you beat the shit out them because it was “just typical trash-talking.”

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” said Joseph Holladay, (pictured above) who was assaulted on East 85th Street.  “It’s not justice. I didn’t expect him to go away for years… I certainly didn’t expect it to end up being 45 days.”

In a deal with the Manhattan district attorney, Nicaj pleaded guilty to the assaults and began his sentence on May 20. He was released on June 9, of this year after accounting for time served and good behavior.

Sharon Stapel, executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP), which serves the queer community, agreed.  “Faggot is a word that is used in a very specific context and with a very specific meaning,” she said. “To us, it’s clear that this is a hate crime.”

But wait it gets even worse……

The victim Joesph Holland is also critical of AVP, which highlighted his case by including him in a July 1 press conference where it released its annual hate crime statistics“They were no help whatsoever,” Holland says. “These people, the AVP, are supposed to be checking in with the police, checking in with the DA, looking out for my interests…They were just useless.”

And of course Sharon Stapel will not respond to Hollands remarks citing that AVP doesn’t discuss thier clients. (Even though their clients will discuss them.)

Tell me, do we have even ONE large LGBT Organization that is NOT inept?