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City of Aurora, IL Revokes PRIDE Permits After Not Enough Police Volunteer For Duty

Via ABC 7 Chicago:

The City of Aurora, Illinois has revoked a special permit for the 2022 Aurora Pride Parade due to security staffing concerns. The city claims organizers failed to retain the number of law enforcement officers for the parade. Since it’s a private event, the city said officers have to volunteer their time to work security. Last month, parade organizers sparked controversy when they announced they would not allow police officers to march in the parade in full uniform or bring police vehicles.

BOOM! There it is! “Last month ….. they announced they would not allow police officers to march in the parade in full uniform.” And they are SHOCKED that the Aurora police department doesn’t want to “volunteer”. You can’t insult the people you need and then complain when said people don’t want to volunteer.

Aurora, population 200,000, is usually host to the state’s second-largest Pride parade. But not anymore!

No Police at PRIDE is hyperbolic bullshit and there has never been a valid argument for it and never will be. Especially now in this current atmosphere of gun violence. Remember PULSE? It’s actually a miracle all considered that there has never been a mass shooting or major violence at PRIDE events in the the USA over the past 50 years.

Maybe because there were police in uniforms at them?

The minority, and it is indeed a minority with very big mouths who want no Police at PRIDE because they “feel” uneasy will be putting all in danger. Sometimes people need to be reminded. Feelings are not facts. We have SO MANY other important issues that should be prioritized and worked on. If police at PRIDE is your most important self issue. Then you are extremely selfish and care nothing about the rest of your community.

In fact. You have no PRIDE.

Harsh words but true. And believe me it had to be said.