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NORWAY To Give Persecuted LGBT Asylum Refugees Priority

NORWAY To Give Persecuted LGBT Asylum Refugees Priority

The country of Norway this week confirmed that LGBT+ refugees, both groups and individuals, will be given priority when transferring from one asylum country to another for permanent resettlement.

Under previous guidelines, vulnerable women and children were given priority.

‘We are now changing the guidelines for the work of transfer refugees so that [LGBT] person … should be given priority.’

Still in almost 70 countries across the globe homosexuality is considered a criminal criminal offense where you can be imprisoned, tortured, and killed for who they are and who they love.

Norway was ranked fifth for LGBT human rights by ILGA-Europe say the move is to not only to protect the LGBT community in Norway but also to recognize that refugees may need to flee persecution due to their sexual orientation.

Porn Company To Benefit LGBT Russians Unveils Film Title “Put It In Putin”

Vladimir Putin jerking off

As reported earlier Monarchy Distribution owner Mike Kulich has announced the formation of Boys Town Studios, a gay porn studio which will donate 100% of its DVD and VOD sales to help LGBT Russians seek asylum 

Boys Town Studios is already in post-production of his first title, Deep in the Dark and has moved onto their aptly named second title, Put It In Putin a Vladimir Putin parody,

Explains Kulich to AVN

“Put it in Putin is exactly what it sounds like. The synopsis is Putin grows up behind the red curtain and has to spend his whole childhood hiding who he really is. As he slowly climbs the ranks in the Russian military, he meets a Lieutenant in the Red Army named Alexander. They become best friends and once Putin is thrust into power, Alexander becomes his personal bodyguard. One day while both men are riding through Siberia on horseback, Alexander finally makes his move and the rest is history.”

“We are really excited to get rolling on this movie. This one is going to be a love story for the ages. It’s like Brokeback Mountain meets Communism.” 

Personally I think Put It In Putin should have been a gangbang movie with a Vladamir look-a-like tied to an oversize lazy susan in a gulag.  But you know, some people want a story-line.

Boys Town Studios is hoping for a mid-November release date for Put it in Putin and is currently developing its website and VOD platform at www.BoysTownStudios.com


City Of Los Angeles Calls On President Obama To Grant Asylum To Persecuted Russian LGBT’s

Los Angeles

Tuesday afternoon the city council of Los Angeles unanimously approved a resolution calling on President Obama and the federal government to grant asylum to the Russian LGBT citizens who are being  persecuted on the basis of  Russia’s anti-gay laws.

The document calls on U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to “take action to stop the harassment, abuse and murder of homosexuals around the world” and calls upon the U.S. government to make tough international public statements condemning the persecution of sexual minorities, and to use all available means to pressure upon the Russian government.

Member of the City Council of Los Angeles and Tom LyaBonzh, which deals with the supervision of the participation of the city in the twin city program,  joined the author of the resolution Mitch O’Ferrell  and board member Mike Bonin. at a rainbow rainbow flag-raising ceremony after the resolutions signing to send a message of support and solidarity from the residents of Los Angeles to LGBT individuals who face persecution in Russia.

Los Angeles which is the  sister city of Saint Petersburg, the first Russian regions where the anti-gay laws were passed has not broken ties with the “Sister Cities” program.

Porn For A Cause – Porn Studio To Donate 100% Of Profits To Russian LGBTs Seeking Asylum

Porn for the Russian Cause

Monarchy Distribution owner Mike Kulich, has announced plans this to create an “all male” porn studio that will donate 100% of profits to help Russian LGBT refugees seek asylum in the U.S. and Canada.

The new studio, Boys Town Studios, plans to release two films per month covering “twinks, bears, leather and other niche fetishes.” with 100% of all profits made from the studio’s DVD and VOD sales to directly benefit Kulich’s “newly-created non-profit.” to help gay Russian’s escape Vladimir Putin’s persecution.

“Anyone will be able to write Boys Town Studios and tell their stories about how bigotry and homophobia (in Russia) has affected their lives, and we will step into help those victims as much as we can.” ” Kulich told XBiz yesterday. “While the advancements of gay rights in the U.S. have changed our society for the better, the setbacks abroad (particularly in Russia) made me see that this type of project was a necessity. I want to help the people suffering all over the world and living in persecuting countries using the best way I know how: making quality porn.”

“I have always created porn for profit.”  Kulich added. “This will be the first studio I launch that will give back to the LGBT community.”