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Video – Navy Aircraft Carrier Commander Investigated Over A Series Of Homemade Raunchy Anti-Gay Videos Shown To Crew

The Virginia Pilot Newspaper has obtained footage of a series of raunchy videos, full of anti-gay remarks, and crass humour which were  shown to the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise while on deployment supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by Capt. Owen Honors, who produced, scripted and starred in the videos and who at the time was the executive officer, or second-in-command, of the Enterprise.

Honors is shown cursing along with other members of his staff because the “f-bomb is funny”. There are also anti-gay slurs, simulated sex acts, rectall exams, two female sailors in a shower together and Honors sitting behind his desk jacking off,.

All made with U.S. Navy equiptment, in a war zone, with our taxpayers money.

So why aren’t the Teabaggers andy why aren’t they screaming now?

Joe Solmonese and The Human Rights Campaign Wastes Time And Money Delivering 150K Signatures To The Mormon Church To Show It’s Actually Doing Sometihing

Joe Solmonese of The Human Rights Campaign flew all the way to Salt Lake City (First Class no doubt) to deliver 150,000 signatures on 800 pages and hold a special Press Conference calling on Boyd K. Packer, president of the Mormon “Quorum of Twelve Apostles  to recant his comments against LGBT people.

Now one would think that after the recent Obama Administration DOJ saying it was going to appeal the ruling that DOMA is unconstitutional, all the crap thats going on with DADT, the fact that EDNA has disappeared, and LGBT Teens committing suicide in record numbers that Solomese and the HRC might, just MIGHT actually be doing something important.  Instead they waste time and money putting on a dog and pony show delivering petitions to the Mormons that they will throw in the trash as soon as they are gone? 

WTF!?  Solmonese  and HRC are operating from the same ridiculous playbook as anyone backed into a corner: Attack an ideology instead of the actual problem. That’s what Scott Brown did in his fundraising attack on Rachel Maddow. It’s what Tony Perkins does in his attack on fighting LGBT bullying. Solmonese and HRC instead of doing anything of actual WORTH and GOD FORBID stand up to President Obama and the Democrats delivers petitions to the Mormons all for the sake of drumming up publicity and a donation.

HRC has no moral compass, and have played a large role in ensuring that Obama appeals DOMA and DADT policies, ENDA sits on the shelf, and are literally helping to set back 40 years.

If you’d like to watch Joe Solmonsleze’s  and the HRC’s Mormon Petition Press Conference here’s the link to YouTube.  I’m not wasting my bandwidth on such bullshit anymore.