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Untitled (One Day This Kid………) by David Wojnarowicz

Twenty years ago David Wojnarowicz  made this piece, Untitled (One day this kid…). He made it as a 30 3/4-inch X 41-inch photostat, but it’s probably gained more cultural currency as a postcard available at just about every progressive bookstore in New York

20 years ago…….

A brutal and genius work of art and narrative. And is definitely relevant today

Female Trucker Kathleen Folden Goes Beserk And Destorys Gay Jesus Artwork In Colorado

Kathleen Folden, a truck driver from Montana went beserk  in the city of Loveland, Colorado.over a painting depicting Jesus receiving oral sex from another man.

“How can you desecrate my lord?!!!,” Kathleen Folden reportedly screamed as used a crowbar to break the glass case around the art, called “The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals”  (Well thats one butch pyschotic bitch)  Folden, a then allegedly shredded the piece to bits before police arrested her crazy Christomaniac ass. She faces a $1,000-$2,000 fine for criminal mischief.

Said artist Enrique Chagoya:  “”I’ve never had this kind of violent reaction to my art. Violence doesn’t resolve anything.”

Everybody’s a critic, besides it’s well known that Jesus was only into feet worship.

(Is it my imagination or does this broad look like Coach Biest from “GLEE”?)