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I SURRENDER: Chelsea BBQ Chair Basher Bayna-Lehkiem El-Amin Turns Himself In To Police: “I Was The Victim”

gay bashingBayna-Lehkiem El-Amin, the man wanted in connection with the bashing a gay man over the head with a chair for defending his partner at a Chelsea BBQ  joint in NYC turned himself in Tuesday morning after being on the run and alluding arrest for over a month..

El-Amin, 41, walked into the 7th precinct house with his lawyer around 9:30 a.m. 

El-Amin, who is “reportedly gay” by a very questionable source  has 18 previous arrests in numerous states for assault, credit-card fraud, possession of stolen property, and forgery, told the discredited blog G List Society who has been helping and supporting  El-Amin that the men he assaulted, Jonathan Snipes and his boyfriend, Ethan York-Adams, actually started the fight.

“He assaulted me,” El-Amin told G List Society. “I was the victim.”

“My only thought was to facilitate an exit that they would not follow behind us, because there was no one there to stop them from doing so—or pull a weapon out on us. There was a chair, that’s closest thing to me. That’s why I threw it. I didn’t look at as a way to mane [sic] him or use as a deadly force.”

As you can see in the below in a video of the horrible event Snipes and his boyfriend move away from El-Amin after being physically stomped on by him and not hitting him with anything and then El-Amin strikes Snipes over the head forcefullywith a chair. El-Amin also called the couple “white faggots” according to witnesses.

Currently El-Amin, who lives in the Bronx, was charged with two counts of felony assault and attempted assault, police said.

We will post more information as it becomes available.


BUSTED! – KY Tea Party House Rep Rand Paul’s Son Arrested for Being Drunk and Disruptive

BUSTED William Paul

William Paul, the 19-year-old son of teabagger Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was arrested at the Charlotte, North Carolina airport  on Saturday night for being drunk and disruptive.

WCNC reports:

Police say William Paul was drunk and being disruptive.

When Paul was taken in to custody, he told authorities his dad is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

There’s no word on where he got the alcohol, or if anyone will face charges for serving the 19-year-old.

Moira Bagley, communications director for Senator Paul released the following statement on Sunday afternoon:

Sen. Paul is a national public figure and subject to scrutiny in the public arena, however, as many parents with teenagers would understand, his family should be afforded the privacy and respect they deserve in a situation such as this.

This would usually be non-news if it weren’t for the fact that a huge part of the Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Tea Party  ethos is individual responsibility. That means you shoulder the consequences of your own behavior. If that behavior includes being drunk and disruptive and you get held up to ridicule because you happen to be the son of a prominent U.S. Senator, so be it.

And one thing is for sure if it would have been the son or daughter of a Democratic politician it is highly doubtful that the GOP and Tea Party would “afford the privacy and respect they deserve in a situation such as this.”

It’s also interesting that William Paul, who is a student at the University of Kentucky student report he is extremely unpopular “told authorities his dad is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.”

Gee, think they were impressed?

Actor George Clooney Arrested By Secret Service Protesting The Sudan Crisis In Washington DC

George Clooney was hauled away by the Secret Service and arrested during a protest over the Sudan crisis in Washington, DC.

Clooney, his father Nick and dozens of other people were arrested including congressmen and the leaders of the human rights community protesting the violence committed by the government of Sudan on its own innocent men, women and children. They were demanding they allow humanitarian aid into the country before it becomes the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.”

Clooney recently shot a short documentary about the situation in Suadan, which he released on EnoughProject.com 

WARNING — Video contains VERY graphic content.


Russian Activist Arrested In Red Square Protesting New Anti-Gay Law – мужество!

Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev, Vladimir Ivanov, and another activist were arrested in Russia’s Red Square last night as they stood up and bravely protested  the “new” Russian law that prohibits the passing of  “propaganda (information, etc) of sodomy (homosexuality), lesbianism, bisexualism, transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors’.   In which the Russian goverment has lumped the LGBT Community into one law with sexual crimes against minors by pedophiles, members of the Russian Legislative Assembly are attempting no to demonize LGBT community more within the realm of Russia’s public opinion and also severely limit human rights in St. Petersburg.

Nicolai Alekseev wrote on his Facebook page that it was the “First ever public event of Russian LGBT community at Red Square in Moscow.”

LGBT Asylum News writes:

Their protest, signaled on social media to happen in another Moscow location, in fact occurred in front of the most famous location in all of Russia. Within seconds they were swarmed by police.

The dolls – Piggy, Stepashka, Fili and Karkushi – at the Red Square protest were from popular children’s TV shows and the banners said “Good night, kids!”

These are amazing and and extremely brave people.  Back2Stonewall.com salutes them.

5 Gay Activists, Including Nikolai Alekseev Arrested Outside Russian Embassy In Paris As They Deliver Petition

The French-language LGBT Website, Yagg, is reporting that a group of gay activists including Louis-Georges Tin, the founder of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev (pictured left); American photo-journalist Chad Meacham,  Act Up-Paris co-chair Audrey Grelombe and an unidentified russian activist were arrested in Paris this morning as they tried to deliver a petition to the Russian Embassy against the violence during Moscow Pride at the end of May.

The reason for the arrests, was because the five were taking part in an unauthorised gathering. The five were taken to a police station for identity checks where later four were released by the police. But Nikolai Alekseev is still being held in detention. Alekseev asked the police in English for a lawyer and, was insulted by the police officer who told him that he was not in Russia and to go back to your country”

Simply shocking and disgusting behavior by the French government. 

Video of The Arrest of Russian Gay Activist Nikolai Alekseev In Moscow Yesterday

Yesterday while many of our eyes were turned to the our nations capitol to watch bigotry and hatred rule the United States,  Nikolai Alekseev Russia’s highest profile gay activist, was among eleven who were arrested outside Moscow City Hall. Alekseev just last week returned to Moscow after a horrific72-hour ordeal which started when he was kidnapped and drugged by Russian police at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport as he was about to board a Swiss Air Lines flight to Geneva..

“Today it was like a VIP service at the police station, I have never seen any such service from this police station in the last five years that I have been regularly taken there when conducting our actions,” he said.

The activists were taking part in a demonstration against the homophobic mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, and his “faggots” remark which a Moscow court ruled recently was not hate speech. All but one of those arrested were said to have chained themselves to the railings outside City Hall.

Also arrested was a reporter from Agence France Presse.  She was seen by activists being hauled into a police van.  But Mr. Alekseev told UK Gay News later that she was not taken to the police station and was presumably released without charge.  He also confirmed his and ten others’ arrest

Maybe its time we take a cue from Nicholai and stop writing and making phone calls that that thoise in power obviously refuse to listen to and do what is morally right and start standing up.

Watch the video of Nikolai Alekseev arrest below.

Nikolai Alekseev, Russia’s Leading Gay Activist Arrested. Whereabouts Unknown

Nikolai Alekseev, Russia’s leading gay activist and organizer of Russia Pride was arrested at the Moscow airport as he was about to board an Air Swiss flight to Geneva, Switzerland.  Russian Police have not answered questions concerning the reason why Alekseev was arrested and his whereabouts at this time is unknown.

\In a statement release by gay activists in Moscow via The UK Gay News:

“The Russian border police asked Swiss Air Lines to cancel his boarding pass and to offload his luggage from the plane, causing a 30-minute delay to the flight’s departure. ‘[Mr. Alekseev] had time to call a friend as well as the news agency Interfax,’ the statement read. ‘Reports of his arrest have been republished in the evening through the Russian media. As he told his friends and the media, no explanation was given to him on the motive of his arrest. A group of three activists from GayRussia led by Nikolai Baev went to the airport to try to locate Nikolai. The airport police told them that Nikolai was not retained by the airport police and one police officer suggested that he was being interrogated by the FSB (ex-KGB) at its headquarter in Lubyanka (Central Moscow).'”

According to Gay Russia:

Russian activist applied yesterday for a picket scheduled for Sept 21 on the anniversary of Moscow Mayor Luzhkov with the title “Luzhkov – Gomiki. (English translation for Gomiki is Faggot.) The activists wanted to protest a Court decision which dismissed their complained against the Mayor who said that gays are “gomiki” in a TV interview in June 2009.

A recent law passed by the Russian Parliament and signed-off by President Medvedev in July of this year allows the FSB to echo Soviet practices. The punishment for ignoring a warning was unclear, but 15-day jail sentences are envisaged for “obstructing an FSB officer’s duties”.

This new provision was denounced by human rights activists as an attempt to prevent human rights activists to organize rallies and public protest by preemptively arresting them.

The headquarter of the Moscow Police said tonight to Human Rights activists Ludmila Alekseeva that Nikolai Alekseev is not registered within their database. The FSB denied to answer tonight. No more information is expected before tomorrow morning.

Under Russian law, enforcement authorities have no right to detain people for long periods without charges and without giving reasons for the detention, but this time has already expired at 10pm Moscow time.

Courage Nikolai.  Courage.

What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Taylor Lautner Is A Diva!, George Michael Pleads Guilty, John Barrowman Sells His Used Undies? Bristol Palin STFU!, and True Blood’s Layfette Was Better As A Slut.

*  Oh how quickly they grow and become self important.  Taylor Lautner has filed a lawsuit Monday against McMahon’s RV in Los Angeles for “emotional distress,” since the custom trailer (s)he ordered didn’t arrive on time to the set of one of her new movies, “Abduction”.  Well that answers the question everyone has been asking.  Because how  many straight guys sue over “emotional distress“?

George Micheal has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and being in possession of drugs, which will now be called “pulling a George Michael”  Looks like Geoirgie will have his dance card all booked up in the coming months with dates and catching up with Boy george in the slammer so all you “tearoom queens” out there are safe…..for now.

*  John Barrowman holding a two-day “USA garage sale” at his £750,000 ocean view home to “clear out a load of old junk”, he insisted he will remain in Wales.  Everything must go – spread the word,” urged the flyer.  Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack Harkness in the Doctor Who spin-off, was on hand to sign every item on sale for an extra £1 on the ticket price – with a percentage of the proceeds going to local children’s hospice T Hafan.  Bravo Captian Jack!

*  Bristol Palin gets $14,000 as a speaking fee. . So, how much to shut the stupid inbred bitch up?

Nelsan Ellis says he never wanted Lafayette’s romance with Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) on True Blood, because he thinks Lafayette works better as a prostitute and a dealer. True dat, bitch!

Natalie Holloway Suspect, Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Murdering Peruvian Lesbian Stephany Flores Ramirez (Video)

Joran van der Sloot was a prime suspect in Natalee Holloway’s 2005 disappearance in Aruba. Now he’s confessed to murdering 21 year-old Stephany Flores Ramirez in Peru. (Probably a good sign he was also involved in the Holloway case)

ABC News’ multi-bylined report describes Ramirez, a student, as “an out lesbian struggling with her sexuality.” On Good Morning America, her ex-girlfriend Stephanie Jamenez said she was a good gilr dealing with insecurities and intense disapproval about her sexuality from her parents.

Her body was found beaten and stabbed in a Lima hotel room registered to van der Sloot. In the above video, you can see what appears to be van der Sloot and Ramirez in the hotel elevator’s surveillance camera. Van der Sloot was then seen leaving the hotel alone with his bags; her body was found days later.

Cruel, sadistic, and lacking in human empathy – van der Sloot is a real piece of work  Also van der Sloot’s own bisexuality and is very well known in Aruba. Even one of his friend who was detained in Holland during the Natalee case, was released because he was gay. 

Now hopefully that he can no longer hide behind the Dutch legal system this pathetic creature will spend the rest of his life rotting in a South American prison.

Chace Crawford Arrested In Plano, Texas For Marijuana Possession

Bubba will be VERY happy tonight…..and so might Chance! (Only kidding…..maybe)

Allegedy “maybe gay”, Chace Crawford was arrested in Plano, Texas just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces. The charge is a misdemeanor. Crawford was busted in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub. Sources say Crawford was in a car with a  “friend” when he was busted and cops found one unlit joint.”

Well I’ll give Chance one thing…… he gives good mugshot.

UPDATE:  We’re told Crawford has bonded out of jail.  Poor Bubba.