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As if The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.Survey Wasn’t Insulting Enough. Now Army Personal Can Leave Opinions Via A Special Online Inbox

Since the Pentagon has had such a lackluster response, with only 20 – 25 percent of military personal and thier spouses returning their horribly skewed, homophobic and insulting D.A.D.T Repeal Opinion surveys.   The ARMY has now launched a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ online inbox available worldwide for Soldiers worldwide to share comments and opinions. (And to bitch!)

The inbox is accessible via the Army Knowledge Online homepage. The intent of the inbox is to help the Army assess and consider the impacts, if any, a change in ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law would have on operations, readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion, recruiting and retention, and family readiness  (Because we all know Homo’s in the ARMY will just FUCK with the family)

The Army Chief of Staff wants all Soldiers to have the opportunity to share comments and opinions. What is learned from inbox comments will be shared with the DoD Comprehensive Review.  And will keep prolonging this and adding new ways to try to get as many negative comments as it can obviously/.

This is such a crock of shit, especially since its a well known fact that people will take the time to criticize and send feedback to complain before they will do so to praise. (Just look at restaurant comment cards.)

I wonder who gets the next survey?  The dogs in The Army K9 Unit?

You can try logging on to the ARMY inbox here, but unless you’ve got an Army Knowledge Online login you’ll probably be denied  (But that doesn’t mean you can’t go look for one….if you were so inclines that is.)

POW! BAM! SPLAT! – In 2001 The Army Issued A COMIC BOOK On How To Conduct DADT Inquiries

Holy illiterate homophobic bigot Batman!

Wired.com is reporting (via Boing Boing) that the Army actually issued a comic book in 2001 about the right ways to proceed with an inquiry about homosexual conduct.  (probably for thier upper brass who needed pictures on how to conduct a witch hunt.)

The comic titled “Dignity & Respect”, (Right!)  is about the TRIALS and tribulations of Private First Class Howard. He has the misfortune of being observed in a homosexual act by two of his fellow soldiers. That triggers a tiptoe through a thicket of regulations and bureacrat-speak. Like: “What is a ‘reliable person?’

You’re certain about [his] sincerity?” Williams’ first sergeant asks his commander. “I think so,” she answers. Then she recommends Williams for a discharge.

Finally, there’s a Q&A. “Wouldn’t admitting to being a homosexual be an easy way for soldiers to get out of the Army?” one Q goes.

Oddly, the A is: “No. Absolutely not!

Well guess what?  Private Howard gets DISCHARGED


Openly Gay Lt. Dan Choi Still Serving in the Military, World Does Not End

Last we heard of Arabic-speaking National Guardsman Dan Choi, he had been discharged from the army for coming out on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show. But now Lt. Choi has been called back to duty and rejoined his unit  (Good for Dan!  But that still doesn’t change DADT!)

Choi was scheduled to speak at a National Gay and Lesbian Task Force summit last weekend, but sent regrets that he couldn’t attend because he’d been called back up. He sent photos from the barracks, explaining that though he’d been issued discharge orders after a news-making trial, the process has not yet been finalized. So he’s back! For now. Choi apparently has the support of his commander, and judging from the photos, he isn’t making scared straight soldiers cry and feel ashamed of their naked bodies.  He’s just doing army stuff. Which is what this is all about anyway.