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WTF Jake? - STATE FARM Cancels Support of LGBT PRIDE Book Program After Complaints

Philadelphia District Attorney To Charge ONLY 3 People In Mob Gay-Bashing



Philadelphia’s WABC affiliate:

Three people will be charged in an attack on a gay couple in Center City Philadelphia. The accused are Philip Williams, 24, Kevin Harrigan, 26, and Katherine Knott, 24, all of Bucks County, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Arrest warrants have been approved for the three suspects. Each will be charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy.

The incident unfolded at 10:45 p.m. on Thursday, September 11th. “This vicious attack shocked the entire country. An assault on people because of their sexual orientation has no place in Philadelphia,” DA Seth Williams said in a statement. The two victims suffered serious facial injuries. They claim they were targeted for being homosexual and savagely beaten. Persons of interest being interviewed by police last week claimed it was a mutual fight, sources told Action News.

Only 3 out of the 12 attackers are being charged. The scumbags who just stood aside and did nothing get away scot free because they are good Catholics. Also Pennsylvania may not have a hate crime law but they do has enhanced penalties for gang-related activities. Why don’t these apply? f they were young, black, hoodie wearing men the cops would have stormed their houses SWAT style & dragged them out in their boxers.

The entire gay community of Philly should show up for arraignment and each time these people are brought to court. And god help the D.A. if he allows it to pleas out or their pusnishment just be a smack on the wrist.