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GOP Sen. Tom Cotton Comes Out As “Ex-Gay”, Defends Gay Conversion Therapy: “It Worked For Me”

Tom Cotton is gay

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has come out as “ex-gay” while speaking out in defense of ‘Gay Conversion Therapy” (torture) saying that he himself has been “cured” of the “horrible affliction” of being a……… HOMOSEXUAL!!

Cotton claims that the organization People Can Change (PCC) was successful in treating him and he no longer suffers from having “strong and uncontrollable homosexual desires”. Cotton participated in PCC’s ‘Journey into Manhood‘, described as a “48-hour immersion in intensive emotional-healing work, designed specifically for men who are self-motivated and serious about resolving unwanted sexual attractions.”

“I gave it shot, and boy am I glad I did,” Cotton told Tony Perkins, leader of the Family Research Council hate group. “I know it may not help everyone but it worked for me, [you] just need to find the right program that works for you.” Cotton continued, “I am now the man I always knew I could be, fully dedicated to God, my wife, and the good people of Arkansas, without all the urges to have sex with hot guys 24 hours a day.”

I always knew Tommy Cotton was a mo. And so did a lot of other people it seems.

Source: The National Report. 



Who’s a Fool? Some of the Best Pranks From Today

500x362px-LL-e4305453_funny-pictures-history-whos-the-foolIt’s finally April, Winter should be long gone, and there should be a Spring in everyone’s step. With that mischievous spring, today is the day where we all become that little bit suspicious of everything we’re told; but it’s not just your friends playing pranks on you nowadays – literally everything you read is a potential trick! Here’s a collection of some of the online pranks I came across today:

1) I wonder how many people freaked out believing that Twitter was going to start charging for using vowels: http://blog.twitter.com/2013/03/annncng-twttr.html

2) The introduction of the YouTubeCollection is a hilarious concept: ALL of youtube videos completely offline, on DVD – delivered to you in just 175 truck loads, with a new truck load each week. Not only is it a great April Fools, but it’s a genius and tongue-in-cheek way of highlighting how lost so many of us would be without all the ridiculous videos out there: www.youtube.com/TheYouTubeCollection

3) There was a nice little announcement that Virgin are soon to launch glass-bottomed planes, which would just be an incredible experience! http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/blog/virgin-atlantic-launches-worlds-first-ever-glass-bottomed-plane. Also worth reading some of the comments on the bottom of the article

4) The White House even got in on the good humor, by capitalizing on recent youtube viral Kid President by making him mini-Obama for a minute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5byDhm-E-YE

5) One that is potentially not particularly good humor: the Mens Skirts http://www.boden.co.uk/en-GB/blanktemplate.aspx?MasterName=2&SegmentID=1&Title=Mens%20Marylebone%20Skirt&content=mens-marylebone-skirt&cm_mmc=email-_-Miscellaneous-_-LM__BRWT6HB8xog7t4-_-main. Although, apparently they add that although the man-skirt is an April fool joke, “we won’t rule out producing a real one should demand dictate it”.

6) Perhaps the best one I saw today though has to be GoogleNose: bringing smellovision to real life! Imagine this was true – the ability to search for smells. Google not only created a functioning pseudo website that you can actually “browse” by scent, but a realistic and convincing video to launch their new function. Now all those mysterious questions can be answered: “What does a ghost smell like? Google Nose!” http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/nose/ If it wasn’t for the fact that she’d probably kill me, I’d totally post the photo of my housemate smelling my laptop when I showed her GoogleNose this morning!

Also, check out the ‘treasure’ version of Google maps!

Anyone else come across any good ones?

Happy April to y’all!