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Portland, Oregon Apple Store Customer Finds Gay Slur Written On His Sales Receipt

Apple @Fag


BetaBeat, is reporting that Portland, Oregon resident Adam Catanzarite found an anti-gay slur typed onto an Apple Store receipt for some headphones he purchased. Under his name, where his email address should have been it read “f@g.com.”

According to a Facebook post by Catanzarite, “The store manager did not do what he said he would to rectify the situation.” (Catanzarite’s request is unknown.)

Catanzarite went on to condemn the slur:

“Being queer and having worked with queer youth, I know first-hand that this is an example of the type of #homophobic beliefs and actions that lead young people to harm themselves. This type of action is NOT OKAY, especially from a company that prides itself on being LGBT inclusive and welcoming.”

In a separate Facebook post he explained: ‘Historically, my communities have faced a history that is filled with extreme violence by individuals who are victims of their own homophobia and the society that says homophobic behavior is okay.

‘The employee who entered f@g.com should not be fired (take a minute to let that settle in if you need to), but should be given an opportunity to learn about the impact of the use of the word and how these words impact the individuals who have been oppressed by them.

The incident doesn’t align with Apple’s general image as a champion of gay rights. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently marched with employees in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, and the company recently released a video celebrating its “commitment to equality and diversity” in the lead-up to the parade.

The employees name who ran the receipt has not been given to the public.

According to BetaBeat, Apple’s Cupertino headquarters had learned of the incident but had not yet commented.