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Newt Gingrich Bluntly Tells Gay Americans: “Don’t Vote For Me”

Associate professor of writing at William Penn University openly gay Scott Arnold approached Newt Gingrich at an event in Oskaloosa, Iowa, where he asked Gingrich whether he thought that he has earned the support of gay Americans.

The Des Moines Register reports what happened next:

I asked him if he’s elected, how does he plan to engage gay Americans. How are we to support him? And he told me to support Obama,” said Arnold. […]

“When you ask somebody a question and you expect them to support all Americans and have everyone’s general interest,” Arnold said. “It’s a little bit frustrating and disheartening when you’re told to support the other side. That he doesn’t need your support.”

Whats probably the saddest thing about this is that the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud will still probably vote for him if by some some strange reason Gingrich grabs the GOP nomination.

Any gay man or women who votes Republican is like a jewish person voting for Hitler.

Homo Say What? – Glenn Beck: " Violence Is Coming, And Violence Will Come From The Left" – (Audio)

Listen below to the Anttichrist himself, Glenn Beck as he warns his minions that “Violence is part of the plan” and that ” Violence is coming, and violence will come from the feft”

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Don;t be surprised if soon Beck will be telling them is to launch a preemptive strike against the left, and it’s okay because it’s self-defense.  This is just in order to validate a “shoot first” policy, nothing more, nothing less.

Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Honor Rally", aka "I Have A Scheme Rally" Draws Thousands and Bilks Them Out of Over 6 Million Dollars In Charity Donations With ONLY 600 THOUSAND DOLLARS Of It Going To The Actual Chairty – VIDEO

Last Thursday Jon Stewart of the Daily Show ripped apart Glenn Becks “I Have A Scheme Rally” and the absolute balls of Beck to “restore honor” to the republic on the same day and in the same place as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did exactly 47 years ago. Which Beck said that he didn’t realize, (Yeah, right.)

The biggest lie though from this grifter is that the fine print that was loacted on his Rally site about the donations that people pledged to help the soilders of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) actually was going to fund the rally.BECK RAISED OVER SIX MILLION DOLLARS IN DONATIONS and it seems that only 10 percent of that ($600,000.00) will actually go to the tax exempt chartity that people donated for.   Just like Sean Hannitys’ “help the troops” charity. After the first class airfare and luxury hotel suites and first class meals are paid for and all the overhead is reimbursed then whatever is left over will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in the end.  I wonder how many of his lemmings realize that the money they donated to charity actually went to paying for Sarah Palin’s luxury suite?

And please note that the address to mail donations is Mercury Radio Arts  which is Glenn Beck’s  multi-media production company.

How honorable is that?

Egomaniac, Dishonest, Lair, Crazy, Dangerous, and Greedy.  That is Glenn Beck in a nutshell

CLICK HERE TO WATCH  Beck cry yesterday because he was so happy and thankful that he didn’t have to donate any of the tens of millions of dollars he has made over the last few years to pay for this gigantic ego stroke, cover his ample ass and spew some hysterical religious bullshit below.