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EXPOSED! – WATCH: TARGET’s New Anti-Union Propaganda Video – “Happy fun time is over”

Target Union


Like Walmart, many of Target’s employees are underpaid, forced to work part-time schedules and are forced to resort to safety nets like SNAP, housing assistance, Medicaid, and EITC while shareholders reap the benefits of their hard work and Target’s CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, makes almost $14,000 per hour–(that’s $3,000 per hour more than Walmart CEO Mike Duke)

So natuarally TARGET, like corporate welfare queen Walmart is TERRIFIED of unions coming into their stores

Now, Target has updated its anti-union training video that every Target team member is forced to watch–and it’s one of the worst things you will ever see.

Meet Ricardo and Dawn, the hip young Target anti-union propagandists (and of course non-union actors)! It’s their job to walk new employees through the dark and scary netherworld world that is the encroaching on them. The threat of unions to take away their freedoms and kill puppies (or is it take away their puppies and kill freedoms?).

Dawn highlights the fun “open-door” policy and explains that if a union comes in, that all will probably end. The dictatorial union bosses will force employees to sacrifice their ability to even maintain day-to-day communications with management without union involvement.

“But if the unions did try to organize our team members, chances are they would change our fast, fun and friendly culture,” Dawn adds later. That’s right–if you bring in a union, happy fun time is over!

The video warns that jealous unions “want what we have.” Why? What is so wonderful about Target that unions fear it so? “We’re a target, because unions are threatened by us. And here’s why: when we take business away from retailers that are unionized, those companies may downsize, reducing the number of employees. And that means the union loses members, which is a big problem for the union business. Did you notice how I just called it a business? Because that’s what it is.”

The 15 minute video is complete and utter Koch brothers bullshit.

Avoid TARGET at all cost.  Its nothing more than a Walmart type pig with lipstick.

*Back2Stonewall is a proud union supportive website.


EXPOSED! – Disney and Red Lobster Restaurant Chain Behind Anti-Gay Legislation In Florida

Two dangerous GOP bills racing through the Florida legislature would overturn several of Florida’s strongest local LGBT rights policies and would block future policies statewide.   The bills SB 726 which would eliminate requirements on what kind of benefits businesses must offer their employees prohibits local governments from requiring companies that they do business with to have family leave for domestic partners and would invalidate policies that already exist.  HB 655 would eliminate equal benefits ordinances (EBO) in the state as well as blocking the pending paid sick time referendum for all workers in that state

Proponents of the so-called pre-emption bills, which includes the Florida Chamber of Commerce, argue that local wage and benefit measures would create a regulatory patchwork unfriendly to business and cost jobs.

And as reported by the Orlando Sentinel and gay advocate and Bilerico journalist Michael Emanuel Rajner sponsors of the bill have admitted that Walt Disney World and Darden Restaurants, owner of the Red Lobster and Olive Garden chains, helped draft the legislation.

This is not the first time that Red Lobster has been caught in attempting anti-worker practices.  Red Lobster was also exposed with Papa John’s of planning to cut workers hours to get around paying for Obama’s healthcare plan.

And s for Disney.  It looks like its days, aren’t going to be so gay after this news gets out.