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Video – Michelle Bachmann: “Marriage is under siege like no other time in America."

Michelle Bachmann spoke at the conservative Faith and Freedom Coalition Convention on Friday where she gloated that her states unfair marriage amendment will go on the ballot in Minnesota in 2012 and urged other states introduce similar amendments to ban gay marriage.

What happened to the good old days when houses fell on witches?

Lesbian Granddaughter On Her Gay Hating Grandfather Senator Ruben Diaz: "Every word he utters hurts his own blood"

Gay hating New York Senator Ruben Diaz’s openly lesbian granddaughter Erica took to the pages of The New York Post today to reveal that her grandfather outed her to the public, on purpose  in an attempt to unconvincingly declare that he is not homophobic at his recent NOM backed anti-gay marriage rally that quickly turned into a hate parade with calls of death to homosexuals.

“I decided to show up at his rally last month on the steps of the Bronx County Courthouse so that he could face a person he loved, a person who was gay, as he spoke against us. That day I waded through the religious crowd and saw children as young as mine say hateful things. “You’re not God’s child. One man, one woman. You’re not living by God.” I was so nervous that morning that I threw up. I spoke against him across the street, directly within his view. But then I approached a police officer who escorted me to the podium where he spoke.

My grandfather introduced me to the crowd and kissed me on the forehead. “This is my granddaughter,” he said. “She chose her way of life, but I chose God’s way, but I love her.” Grandpa even called me after the rally, to say that he was proud of me for “respectfully speaking up for what you believe in.” You cannot tell someone that you love them and stay silent when people call for their death. “Love” is empty when you say someone’s life isn’t natural. He could quietly vote “no” if that’s what he believes is right. But I want him to know that every word he utters hurts his own blood.”

I know that Erica meant well, but that was a naive move to allow herself to be used as a propaganda tool by Diaz, something that I’m sure she regrets now. It’s a good object lesson, that one cannot negotiate or act in good faith with Christians and other hate groups. Even if they are members of your family and as much as it pains you to do so its perhaps best for you to turn your back on them before they do it to you.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Will No Longer Deny Applications By Same Sex Couples

The Daily Beast has broken the story that it has been confirmed that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) District Offices will no longer deny alien relative petitions and green card applications filed by married same-sex couples

Stop The Deportations explains:

“Instead, final decisions on these applications will be held in abeyance, i.e. put on hold. This historic first seems to be directly linked to the Obama administration’s change of position on DOMA announced on February 23. The DOMA Project welcomes the new and exciting potential this presents for married gay and lesbian couples to obtain legal status and prevent deportations of the foreign partner. However, in this new and rapidly changing legal environment, we urge attorneys and binational couples to proceed with an abundance of caution.

The significance of the “abeyance” policy is two-fold: first, it means that petitions and applications that normally would have been denied because of DOMA, will now remain in “pending” status, and second, this status will give protection and benefits to the applicant for an indefinite period. The “abeyance” policy, it is presumed, will put these cases on hold while the ultimate fate of DOMA is determined by a decision of the Supreme Court or through repeal by Congress.”

Great news. That will affect thousands of gay and lesbian married couples.  But it is a bit of a mess because of the lack of States that offer same sex marriage and the massive amounts of red tape,  but it is a bit of movement in  the right direction and we have to push harder for all inclusive alien relative petitions.  So lets not just accept this and wait.  So keep pushing for it!

We should expect to hear Huckabee, Perkins, Fischer, Gallagher and the rest of the American Taliban throwing a kiniption fit in 5….4….3….2….1……

Tea Party Holds Anti-Gay Rally In Iowa – Proof That It’s NOT All About Fiscal Consevatism

Tea Party and right wingnut freshman Republican State Representative Kim Pearson  along with Republicans Tom Shaw and Glen Massie appeared at a Tea Party sponsored rally in support of a ban on same-sex marriage in Iowa.  Pearson, Shaw and Massie helped draft legislation to impeach the remaining four justices on the Iowa Supreme Court.

The Omaha World Herald about Pearson speaking at yesterdays Tea Party Event:

“I’m a Christian, social, fiscal conservative,” Pearson said. “The social and fiscal conservative values work.” Speakers at the event called on Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, to allow floor debate on a resolution to ban same-sex marriage in the state. A resolution is required for the constitutional amendment process to move forward. Gronstal has stated repeatedly he will block such a debate, saying that the Iowa Constitution should not be amended to deny rights to people. It’s expected that such a resolution would pass the GOP-controlled House.

We have to listen to the people,” Pearson said. While she supports a constitutional amendment to overturn the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage, she said, she would prefer that a ban come through the legislative process because that would be faster. “The definition of marriage is between one man and one woman,” she said. “God is our ultimate lawgiver.

What rocks have these people crawled out from under?   What asylums have they escaped from. When are these wingnuts going to realize the United States is NOT a Theocracy?

And now not only is the Tea Party just chock full of dangerous loons they are also proven liars, especially after all that bull during the elections insisting that they were only concerned with fiscal matters, and that social matters weren’t and would never be their concern.

TEA PARTY =  Bigoted, Hateful, Crazy, Dangerous, Idiotic Right Wing Nut GOP’s in stupid Colonial Costumes. 

Tread on THAT .  Mother f**ckers

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Shocker! Video – ALL RNC Chairman Candidates ALL Hate Gay Marriage

ChairmanToday TNC Mack Daddy Micheal Steele, chairman of the ReTHUGlican National Committee with the four other  future chair hopefuls Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus, Former RNC Co-Chair Ann Wagner, Former Michigan GOP Chair Saul Anuzis, and Former Deputy RNC Chair Maria Cino held a debate where they gave it their all to dethrone Steele. And despite their differences the one thing that they all agreed on was that they are against gay marriage. 

Said Priebus, who is considered the front-runner (in terms of commitments): “It’s foundational in our lives… I don’t believe anybody should be denied dignity in this discussion, everyone should be loved. But at the end of the day, I believe that marriage — through the sanctity of marriage — should be between one man and one woman.”

How about Rush Limbaugh’s 4th marriage? I’m guessing his previous 3 marriages were all ’til death do they part. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of sanctity in flat-out lying three times, does it? Why don’t they just say that they’re all a bunch of homophobic bigots and be done with it?

NOM Backs TN Anti-Gay Marriage Billboards With An Ironic Twist

Dit hier Bijbel Bons zitten zinneloos jawoord?”

Looks like The National Organization For Marriage have made some new friends in Cokeville, TN where two anti-gay marriage billboards have sprung up to squals of joys and delight of all the anti-gay homophobic bigots in town, which there seems to be many.

From The NOM blog

“I just thought this billboard was a marvelous idea,” Lois Irby said. “You hear so much about same-sex marriage on TV, and it’s so readily accepted by the public. Children, unless they have some kind of religious training at home, are taught to accept it and not question it or feel that it’s wrong. I think God’s word needs to be inserted as often as possible to reaffirm that homosexuality is wrong. It doesn’t need to be presented in a glorified light.”

Kerry Duke, who also serves as dean at Tennessee Bible College in Cookeville, said the group purposely avoided a reference to “traditional marriage” in the billboard. “The will of God — not tradition — is the basis for saying that marriage should be between people of the opposite sex,” Duke said. “Marriage between a man and a woman is not right because it is traditional. It is traditional because it is right.” He added, “There are two basic ways of looking at marriage. Either humans invented marriage or God created it. If marriage is a human arrangement, then a society may alter it at will or do away with it altogether. But if marriage is a divine institution, then only God has the right to say what it is and who has the moral right to be in it.”

Okay other than the couple on the Billboard not only looking like they are related can be found at istockphoto.com but I am sure that the Billboard maker was hard pressed to find a good looking. christian heterosexual married couple in Tennessee with 32 teeth between them  

The even better part is that both the models and photographer hail from Denmark! The first country ever to legalize same sex unions back in 1989. And the third highest percentage of atheists in the world. (And also rated the happiest population of anyplace on earth.)

Oh irony, why art thou so delicious?