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15 Year Old Greensburg, Indianna Boy Commits Suicide Over Anti-Gay Bullyling At High School

15 year old Billy Lucas never told anyone he was gay at Greensburg High School in Indinanna.  But that did not stop the bullies in the school from makinf his life a living hell.  Only one month into the school year Billy couldn;t take it any longer and committed suicide.

“‘People would call him ‘fag’ and stuff like that, just make fun of him because he’s different basically,’ said student Dillen Swango. Students told Fox59 News it was common knowledge that children bullied Billy and from what they said, it was getting worse. Last Thursday, Billy’s mother found him dead inside their barn. He had hung himself. Students said on that same day, some students told Billy to kill himself. ‘They said stuff like ‘you’re like a piece of crap’ and ‘you don’t deserve to live.’ Different things like that. Talked about how he was gay or whatever,’ said SwangoWXTU

Friends of Billy say that he had been tormented for years. In a statement from Charles Robbins, Executive Director of the Trevor Project (Which you can read in full after the jump) “While the school district does have anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies, the policies do not specifically protect youth from harassment due to real or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression. Only eleven states in the country offer fully inclusive anti-harassment and anti-bullying education policies, and Indiana is not among them.”

Principal Phil Chapple of Greensburg High School doesn’t deny that students are bullied in the high school, but he said he didn’t know Billy was one of the victims. “We were not aware of that situation,” said Chapple. and added “What could you do that could have made a difference in his life?” But on a memorial page created in Billy’s honor many people knew students bullied him.

Perhaps if Chapple and his staff  did their jobs as a disciplinarian at that school and, actually would be aware of whats going on around them and actively l;ooking out for their students instead of waiting for complaints. This might not have happened.   Those bullies questioned his worth. Told him that he should kill himself. Those are violent words that extend beyond gay issues that, in themselves, aren’t acceptable in a place of learning.  Principles and teachers shouldn’t be enabling bullies to participate in society in this way  Those who were involved should be kicked out of that school immediately and the Principal and his staff should be investigated. 

What a sad, awful, and tragic end of life.  All because the school staff is ineffectual or just doesn’t care.

My heart breaks for Billy.  I know what its like.  But I also know if school personnel get actively involved it can be prevented.

Please visit Billy’s Facebook Page and leave a message of support.

Rest In Peace Billy.

***You can read the FULL Statement of Charles Robbins, Executive Director of the Trevor Project and watch Local  WXIN’s news report after the jump.

“We are saddened to once again hear of another young person who died of suicide as a result of school bullying. Billy Lucas, a 15-year-old at Greensburg High School stood out among the 630 students in the school because he was different. Other students perceived that Billy was gay and he was relentlessly tormented as a result.
While the school district does have anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies, the policies do not specifically protect youth from harassment due to real or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression. Only eleven states in the country offer fully inclusive anti-harassment and anti-bullying education policies, and Indiana is not among them.
Currently, there is no national standard to protect all of our children from bullying and harassment at school. Yet, we know that as many as 1 in 10 sexual minority youth have been physically assaulted at school, and that when youth are threatened or get into fights, or have property stolen at school, their risk of attempting suicide more than doubles. That is why The Trevor Project supports fully inclusive federal legislation, like the Safe Schools Improvement Act currently under consideration in the Senate, to offer the protections all of our children need from torment and ridicule at school, regardless of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.
Only with an enforceable national standard that offers resources and support to educators and staff, no matter the size of a school district, will we be able to prevent future tragedies like Greensburg High School has experienced. The death of Billy Lucas is a tragedy, and one that might have been prevented if his school district had the support of a fully inclusive anti-harassment and anti-bullying law.”


Duke University Student President Mike Lefevre Vetoes Ruling Against College Republicans for Anti-Gay Harassment of Former Chairman

Duke Student Government  President Mike Lefevre is a DOUCHE.  This weekend Lefevre (picture left) vetoed a decision by the student senate to de-fund and de-charter the College Republicans at Duke University over the group’s treatment of Justin Robinette (pictured right), the former Chairman , who was forced out after fellow students found out he was gay.  Robinette was then subjected to harassment via anti-gay graffiti and threatening emails.

“Lefevre, a senior, vetoed the group’s defunding Friday afternoon and extended his veto Sunday night to block the potential de-chartering of the organization, which would have been determined by the Student Organization Finance Committee. Lefevre’s veto came after he received letters of resignation from DCR Chair Carter Boyle and Vice Chair Travis Rapp, both seniors. ‘It didn’t make sense to veto one and not the other,’ Lefevre said. ‘Students involved in this mess will no longer be leading the organization…. It’s really unjust to the club if we punish them for something that happened last year, [when] the people who did that faced the repercussions.’ DCR will hold an election in the next few weeks to select a new chair. No current members of the DCR executive board will be able to run for the position—a decision made by the College Republicans, Lefevre said. After meeting with SOFC Chair Max Tabachnik, Lefevre extended his veto to prevent the organization’s de-chartering. Tabachnik, a senior, proposed that SOFC govern the next College Republicans election. Lefevre noted that the club must comply with SOFC’s ruling.” The Duke Chronicle

How much you want to make a bet that Lefevre is a republican and made a deal with the DCR and they did not call him out of the blue..  The organization’s members are ALL guilty of the unbelievable treatment of Justin Robinette NOT just the President and Vice President.  After it happened they had to appear before the student senate to fight their case and they LOST.  Now only AFTER the ruling the groups President and Vice-President resign right before Lefevre made his decision. 

They should lose their funding and chartering entirely

Navy Air Force Inspector General Beverly Bilger Under Investigation After Dismissing Anti-Gay Harassment Complaint

Ensign Steve Crowston says he suffered months of continual anti-gay harassment and sexual discrimination from his fellow and commanding officers with Strike Fighter Squadron 136 at Naval Air Station, Oceana, Va.. The harassment began in August 2009, when his fellow officers called him into a room for a review of call signs, a military moniker that easily identifies a service member. He says his name was written on a whiteboard with a list of call sign recommendations which included:  “Gay Boy,” “Fagmeister,” “Cowgirl,” and “Romo’s Bitch,” Crowston who smartlywould not disclose his sexual orientation – says his commanding and executive officers were in the room and participated in the group vote, picking “Romo’s Bitch.”

In the following months after the call sign incident, Crowston said, the harassment only got worse. He was the subject of anti-gay slurs and continued harassment in person and over e-mail from his commanding officers and from his squadron officers. Crowston said he was the target of what he believes to be numerous instances of reprisal from his commanding officers — the same officers Crowston named in his Navy complaint to the inspector general were charged with conducting his review. It was the worst review Crowston received in his 16 years in the Navy and  on Thursday, Crowston was suddenly reassigned to Naval Special Warfare Group Two, a Virginia Beach-based Seal team scheduled to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan in the coming months
Crowston contends that Beverly Bilger, the inspector general charged with investigating his claims of sexual harassment and workplace hostility, was biased.  Crowston  filed two separate whistle-blower reprisal complaints with the Defense Department inspector general’s office and  said that Bilger admitted to him to having previously worked across the hall from the commander. He said Bilger relayed personal information about the commander and admitted to contacting him about Crowston’s complaint weeks before the official investigation began/ and

Crowston’s case has been re-opened and launched an investigation into the way the complaint was initially handled.

There needs to be acknowledgment that this is improper content — there’s obviously an issue with call signs — and I’m seeking acknowledgment that this is improper conduct within the aviator community,” Crowston said. “I believe I’m owed an apology for this.”

“I hope that people that have the courage to step up and know right from wrong and say something,” Crowston said. “I’m standing up for what I feel is right.”