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Get The Scratching Post! – Kathy Griffin Goes After Harvey Levin and Miss Andy Cohen! – Video


Via Gossipcop

Kathy Griffin released Harvey Levin’s phone number on Saturday, revealing the private information in a YouTube video. The comedienne said she was doing so in retaliation for how he’s treated her. But she also goes after Andy Cohen, alleging he asked her to do cocaine before “Watch What Happens Live.”

The video begins with Griffin slamming TMZ and its role in kicking off the scandal that plagued her earlier this year when she posed for a photo with a replica of Donald Trump’s bloody head.

“It’s not at all over. It’s still going on. In fact, it’s gotten worse for me,” she says. Griffin then plays a voicemail Levin allegedly just left for him on Friday, asking her to call him. She plays the message in its entirety, purposefully so people can hear the phone number that he asks her to call him back on.

Bloom, who initially represented Griffin at the beginning of the scandal, and the star recently had their own war of words in the media. As the video goes on, Griffin switches topics, bad-mouthing Cohen, who seemingly shaded her in a TMZ video this week, but also goes back to Levin, and suggests he’s in cahoots with Trump and speaking to him multiple times a week. “Is that okay with you guys?” she asks. “The president is talking with a gossip blogger?!” Griffin then returns to the subject of Cohen, alleging he not only treated her badly when he was a Bravo executive overseeing “My Life On The D-List,” but also asked her to do “blow” with him before a “Watch What Happens Live” taping.

“He’s going to say he was kidding. No! He was asking me to do cocaine with him,” Griffin, a self-described “straight-edge” insists. “That made me very uncomfortable… I don’t know why he gets away with that.” She further “calls out” other NBC Universal executives she claims did her wrong, and then brings up TMZ again, calling it a “deeply misogynistic website,” where the “ageism is out of control with this guy Harvey Levin.” Griffin mentions Levin’s sexual orientation, calls his TMZ TV show “[expletive],” and says he’s “no different than a straight-up deplorable.”

Andy Cohen does blow!  How 1980’s Miss Thing.




21 Years Later Patti Lupone Finally Says What She Thought Of Madonna’s EVITA: “It was a piece of shit.”

Now 21 years after the movie was version of EVITA was released Patti LuPone, who played Evita in the original Broadway production in 1979 and won a Tony for it, sat down with Andy “Can you believe he’s a top?” Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! on Tuesday night the grand diva let loose on Madonna’s Evita and her acting skills in general.

Said LuPone: “I was on the treadmill when MTV used to have videos, and I saw, I believe it was  “Buenos Aires”, and I thought it was a piece of sh-t.”

She went on: “Madonna is a movie killer. She’s dead behind the eyes. She cannot act her way out of a paper bag. She should not be on film or on stage. She is a wonderful performer for what she does but she is not an actress. Bang.”

Waiter!  Scratching post for one!



BRAVO’s Andy Cohen Drops Out Of Miss Universe Hosting Gig in Russia

Andy Cohen Boycotts Miss Universe

BRAVO television’s Andy Cohen  is taking a stand against Russia’s draconian anti-gay laws and is refusing to take part in his yearly gig  as co host of the 2013 Miss Universe competition, which will be held on Nov. 9 at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

Cohen made the announcement to friend and  pageant co-host of the past two years, E! News’ Giuliana Rancic, that he turned it down because “their discriminatory policies make it unsafe for the gays who live there and gays coming to work or visit.”

“The law is that anyone under suspicion of homosexuality can be arrested,” he told Rancic, adding that he “didn’t feel right as a gay man stepping foot into Russia.”

As of this writing over 23,000 of people have signed the petition of  Francesco Pascuzzi, a lifelong pageant fan and openly gay man from Somerville, New Jerseyn calling on the Miss Universe Organization, owned and operated by Donald Trump, to relocate its upcoming pageant from Moscow, Russia in November 2013.
As for Andy Cohen, BRAVO!
This almost makes up for you turning BRAVO into the Real Housewives Channel!

Bravo’s “Flipping Out” Star Jeff Lewis Insults Transgender Community With “He/She” Comment

Bravo television which now thanks to Andy Cohen is just slightly one step above LOGO has a new problem to add to the fire as Flipping Outs obnoxious, psychotic gay (non-role model) Jeff Lewis once again stuck his obsessive compulsive foot in his mouth in an interview with CURBED on-line magazine where Lewis insults the Transgender community.

In the srticle titled “Jeff Lewis on Cannibals, Cremation, and Transgender Crack Addicts.” Lewis shows once again just how much of a douche he really is.

Normally when you buy a house, the house is delivered vacant. I thought it was delivered vacant, but when I started the demo I realized there was this basement that I didn’t see during the inspection, and there was a transgender crack addict. A lot of times when you buy a house you inherit a feral cat or a raccoon or something, but in this particular case I inherited a crack addict — no joke! It took me a couple of weeks to get rid of he/she. But I didn’t even know he/she was living there. It was pretty crazy.”

Dr. Jillian T. Weiss,  of the Bilerico Project,  Attemped to contact  Lewis over his’ derogatory use of he/she as well as the headline:

“Your comment about the poor woman living in a basement, and your reference to her as a transgender crack addict,’ along with its use in the title to titillate, is shameful. Transgender people are human beings, and not to be used as the butt of your jokes, regardless of their poverty or sobriety issues. 

The title ‘Cannibals, Cremation and Transgender Crack Addicts is a blatant attempt to titillate the audience by suggesting a Silence of the Lambs-type comparison between trans people and the gruesome practice of cannibalism and the macabre subject of cremation. Had there been a story about ‘Cannibalism, Cremation and Black Crack Addicts,’ bolded and calling the person a derogatory name, would any sane person doubt that there was a racist subtext, whether ‘intended’ or not? There are, of course, trans cracks addicts, just as there are black crack addicts and many other types of people affected by sobriety issues. This is completely beside the point.”

Jeff Lewis has  refused to comment and Curbed editors stand fully behind the article.

BRAVO’s Andy Cohen Proves He’s A Pompous Ass: "I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps"

Andy Cohen who’s single-handedly taken BRAVO and turned it into The Real Dreckwork of Cable Television was interviewed by The New Miami Times about ” Housewives, Elsa Patton, and Why Being Gay Is Fabulous”.

It was the usual Cohen drivel.  Small town country queen makes good…..Housewives….Watch What Happens…. blah, blah, blah.  When asked about being the  Grand Marshal of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade what does gay pride mean to you?  Cohen replied: “It just means being exactly who you are and being proud of it and walking tall in your shoes. Not compromising who you are”

Nice.  Good answer if not a bit typical.

Then it happened. 
Andy Cohen became a pretentious twat.  (Shocking right?)

MNT:  What gay stereotypes drive you nuts?

COHEN:  So many, but I think the lisping, flamboyant queen thing is over played and it’s just lame at this point. I think now there’s so many gay people who are parents, spouses, and who have real committed long-term relationships that the idea that everyone’s in a boa dancing on a bar is, you know, very 1988.

MNT:  How much importance does gay marriage have for you when electing a presidential candidate in 2012?

COHEN:  Should it be the centerpiece of everyone’s campaign? No. I think Obama made a big statement with DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act]. I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps and I think the country’s coming around and it was courageous of Obama to come and out say we’re not going to stand behind fighting this DOMA thing anymore. I was really happy about that. I think slowly this thing is going to happen and you need to slowly gather momentum and get the American public behind it.

Cohen talks out of one side of his face and says that Pride is about being who you are and being proud of it and then, in a matter of sentences goes on to stereotype And whats even more ironic is that if I were to “stereotype” Cohen I find it  ironic that he doesn’t like the exact type of “lisping flamboyant queen” that he himself is.  .  Self project much Andy?  Or do you honestly believe that you and Jeff Lewis are the butchest in the room?  Because if you do you aren’t only self loathing but also delusional.  For fucks sake Bethany Frankle is more manly than you two.

And as for gay marriage and equality “going slowly”.  Newsflash  Cohen.  It’s been over 40 years since the Stonewall Riots.  How much slower can the battle for LGBT Equality go? But then again I guess he who makes a living out of being a  “the lisping, flamboyant queen ” wouldn’t have much of a career left if everyone was equal and accepted.

What a bourgeois and pompous attitude and an extreme insult to everyone in the LGBT Community who are fighting everyday to gain the same rights, recognitions, and respect as everyone else which “pretentious lisping queens”  like you will enjoy because others did the dirty work.

Cohen your next show should be “The Real Auntie Tom’s of West Hollywood”

Video – 80’s Pop Icon Tiffany Outs Fomer Beau New Kid On The Block Johnathan Knight As Gay

80’s pop icon Tiffany stopped by Bravo’s Watch Watch Happen Live  with Andy Cohen for the Mazel of the week and promote both Tiffany’s and Debbie Gibson’s upcoming SyFy movie cheesefest. MegaPython vs. Gatoroid the other night and when Andy asked her if she ever dated one of the New Kids On The Block guys Tiffany confessed that she dated Jonathan and then added “He became gay later. I didn’t do it.”

Only problem is.  Johnathan has never publicly come out. WHOOPS.

But all seems to be fine with both Johnathan and Tiffany as you can see from the Twitter exchange below.

Welcome “officially” to the family Johnathan.  And if you ever need anything feel free to contact me! (What can I say I was a HUGE NKOTB fan!)