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Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Marcel Vigneron Cooks, Gay Guide TOO GAY For iPhone App, Disney Get’s Male Faries and A CHELSEA HANDLER SEX TAPE!?

*  The iPhone app “Gay New York: 101 Can’t-Miss Place,” was rejected by Apple because, it features such gay things about New York. Like go-go boys,  a snapshot of a naked gay sculpture, and a picture of Sarah Palin making an ugly face. So the app’s creator, travel writer Anthony Grant, manage to run afoul of Apple’s rules about naked guys, it violated its “don’t make fun of public figures” rules. Which is to say: Authentic apps about gay New York City will never be accepted

*  “Maybe gay”  Marcel Vigneron, that guy everyone hated from Top Chef Season 2, (Except me I thought he was kinda cute in a geeky-deeky way) will be hosting the much-rumored Syfy Channel cooking show, now called Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen.  I’m  happy that Wolverine’s cute baby brother got a gig.  Perhaps I can get my well endowed but unfortunately straight cyberbud (And AWESOME chef) Stefan Richter to set Marcel and me up?  (So go to Stefan’s Restaurant, Stefan’s at  LA Farm and maybe he’ll help me out.  The food is awesome also!) 

*  Disney has added a male fairy (Sparrow Man) to its popular online world of Pixie Hollow!  His name is Slate (How butch!) — and he’s the joint’s first “guy”.  Slate’s also quite the metrosexual – he thinks that “Coal’s Clothiers has got some great Sparrow Man threads — and my good buddy, Gavin, up in Evergreen Overlook has some amazing hats and accessories for Sparrow Men as well.”  YOU GO FAIRY!  I mean Sparrow Man.  *wink*

*Chelsea Handler Sends Her Sex Tape To Agents………No, Really!  What the clip below!

Republican National Committe Chair Michael Steele Runs Up $1,946.25 Tab at Lesbian Bondage Strip Club – No, REALLY!

The Republican National Committee Chair Anti Christ Mack Daddy’s Michael Steele’s expenses have come under review, based on some recent FEC filings:  Included: A February RNC trip to California which included a $9,099 stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 dropped at the nearby Four Seasons, and $1,946.25 at Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex.”

I wonder what Steele wife Andrea (Derritt) Steele thinks about this.  Maybe someone should ask her?

John Edwards Sex Tape Sends Couple To Jail For Not Sharing It

Andrew Young and his wife Cheri were ordered by the court to serve up to 75 days in jail for withholding from the court secret copies of a John Edwards sex tape and unknown “other items”.  (Other “items”?  What tell me, tell me!)

So in a nutshell, Andrew Young (Who’s not that bad looking himself and is rumoured to be bisexual and had a huge crush on Edwards)  worked fior and helped try and elect the North Carolina senator president; helped hide KING DONG Edwards’s cheating by falsely claiming to be father of his love child; kept a sex tape hidden from the world; and now is going to jail for making a few copies of said tapes and showing them to some journalists.  But unfortunately I wasn’t invited.. Young didn’t even “accidently” leak the tape! (Okay I admit it.  I think John Edwards is kinda hot for a guy his age.  And he’s supposedly swings an impressive club.  So I wanna see.)

UPDATE: The judge involved has  backed off from jailing Andrew Young and his wife and has .  given Young until Friday at 2pm to produce the tapes.

John Edwards Sex Tape UPDATE (John Edwards Naked Fake Photo Included!)

We I told you about the John Edwards sex tape that will make you stand up and say “whoa”.  Now, his former aide  Andrew Young has talkes about it.

“It’s definitely him. You never see her face. But you see — you clearly see his face for a long time. And I can’t speak for the other body parts, but it’s definitely his face.”

Now check this out from Young’s book, The Politician.

“We weren’t going to use it in any nefarious way, but I planned to deposit a copy in a safe-deposit box and place at least one other with an attorney with instructions to make it public, if necessary, should anything suspicious befall us. I had read enough John Grisham novels to think that … sometimes powerful, rich people don’t always play by the rules. And we were scared.”

If it is so good that they feared for their lives, then we really, really have to see this footage! YOWZA!