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Gay Porn Actor Jake Porter Stands Up For Mike Pence

Andrew Christian underwear model and porn actor Jake Porter from that “In Front of my Salad” porn meme posted now-deleted tweets defending anti-LGBT Vice President Mike Pence after out figure skater Adam Rippon declined to meet with Pence because of his well-documented support of gay conversion therapy”


Porter is actually known for his  support for Trump during his campaign for President of the United States  Porter known known previously under the stage name Jacob Ford, has also posted racist comments and declared [Link NSFW] that police brutality of blacks and other minorities had “absolutely” nothing to do with race and was instead a construct of the “liberal media.” and that so-called “Christians” should be allowed to discriminate against members of the LGBT community.

Porter also threw a fit when Twitter banned Milo after his tweeting of some Leslie Jones hate speech. Porter argued that Twitter’s ban of Milo was in violation of his right to, of course, free speech.

First Colby Keller and now Jake Porter the question is why do so many porn studios continuing working with such deplorable performers?  After all pretty faces and big dicks are not hat hard to find in the porn industry.

And in all honesty. No one really looks at their faces.

Sources: Hornet and  Str8UpGayPorn [Link NSFW]