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GOProud’s Chris Barron Waxes Poetic About Andrew Brietbart At HomoCON 2012 Party In Tampa – Video

GOFuckYourself GOProud’s co-founder and resident exhibitionist Chris Barron took to the podium last night at the conservative “gay” group’s “Homocon 2012” party in Tampa during the RNC and waxed poetic about Andrew Brietbart saying that “Brietbart did it his way”.  Which is true considering Brietbarts  lies, distortions and crudely edited video footage which omits any context and misleads the audience into believing what he wanted them to believe so long as it smeared whoever the he wanted to paint as the “badguy”.

And the entertainment at HomoCON 2102? Clothed Go-Go Boys! Which is not very respectful to Brietbart considering how much he loved to keep Anthony Wiener’s penis pictures on his cellphone.

I hope this kid showered in Listerine when he got home.

Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43. When You Have Nothing Good To Say……

It is  being reported across all of Breitbart’s websites and on the Drudge Report. Breitbart was only 43.

From TMZ:

According to his website, Breitbart — the political journalist who broke the Anthony Weiner penis pic story — died “unexpectedly from natural causes” shortly after midnight this morning in L.A.

A statement on Breitbart reads, “We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.”

Andrew is survived by his wife and 4 children.

Breitbart’s father-in-law told reporters Andrew was walking near his Brentwood home around midnight when he collapsed.

The father-in-law says someone saw Andrew collapse and called paramedics … who raced to the scene and tried to revive him. Breitbart was transported to UCLA Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to reports, Breitbart suffered from heart problems last year.

Law enforcement sources tell us the LAPD is investigating the death.

The question still remains though is James O’Keefe his protege to be considered a “widow” or an “orphan”?

When I heard about Brietbart’s passing this morning the first word that popped into my mind was: unlamentable

So the best I can do right now is to quote Mark Twain:  “I have never wished a man dead.  But I have read some obituarires with great satisfaction.”

Video From TeaCon: Andrew Breitbart Wants Tea Partiers to Run Naked Through The Streets – OH MY EYES!

Surprisingly whats NOT getting a lot of media coverage this weekend is a crazy (and I DO mean CRAAAZY) little shindig called TeaCon 2011 which is being held outside Chicago this weekend and is being attended by Glenn Beck and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain – plus Bachmann and Perry, who are addressing the conference via video.

TeaCon 2011 is already off to a “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” start with every teabagers favorite poster boy for PAXIL,  Andrew Brietbart exclaiming that he wants the teatards to run through the streets naked and fuck with the system.

“I want you to screw with them the way in the 1960s, the left screwed with the system,” Breitbart said. “I want you to run naked. I want you to screw these people. Because this is the end – in my humble estimation – of the American oppressive movement.”

(If Brietbart and his lemmings ran through the streets naked, they wouldn’t be arrested for public nudity but biological terrorism.)

And not just content with that horrid visual that would make you scrub your eyes with bleach, Brietbart took his usual insane rhetoric to level even low for his skeevy self by calling Nancy Pelosi a “bitch.” and calling liberal Janeane Garofalo  “Hollywood’s sympathy fuck”

Looks and smells like desperation and lack of medication from the fastly fading Tea Party