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Family Reseach Council Claims Obama Loves Imperialism, Queer Bulgarians, and Abortion.

When it comes to foreign policy, the Obama Administration has made it clear they will have two priorities — promoting homosexuality and promoting abortion. The Administration has not only vocalized this policy but been quick to put taxpayer funds and resources behind it — regardless of other countries’ views on the matter. Earlier this year in the country of Bulgaria, the Administration spent tax dollars on a Gay Bulgarian Film Festival as well as an “after show party.” In June, the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria, alongside 12 ambassadors from other countries, endorsed that country’s gay parade in an official declaration.

This brought the attention of 20 civil society organizations who wrote a letter to the embassies expressing their outrage that these countries would seek to promote activity that is against Bulgarian law, which clearly defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This all seems to be part of the President’s push, headed up by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to use official U.S. resources to promote homosexuality. For example, while the Administration is slow to defend oppressed Christians who are being killed for their beliefs in Muslim and communist countries, they took less than one day to condemn the Russian government for barring a homosexual pride parade in Moscow. It is clear with this Administration that family and babies take a back seat to exporting immorality. – From the FRC website (Which I refuse to link to)

Interestingly the lead sponsor of the letter is Association Society and Values  in Bulgaria which and NO reference for it can be found via Google and signed by its “Chairman” Stoyan Georgiev, who happens to be a 26-year-old  Bulgarian footballer.

Is this letter a FRC fraud?

Or  will they’ll just let anyone own and start an anti-gay hate group at the drop of a hat nowadays?

Oh thats right, they do.