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Actress Raven Symone Comes Out On Twitter


There have been numerous speculations and rumors on whether a celebrity is gay and that is certainly true about That’s So Raven and The Cosby Show star Raven Symone. Many just presumed the actress was dating America’s Next Top Model contestant AzMarie Livingston as they were living together for some time. But nothing had been explicitly confirmed by Symone on her sexuality until she tweeted that she can finally get married and expressing gratitude:

This statement is after the country celebrated Minnesota and Rhode Island officially allowing same sex marriage as of yesterday. Symone went on to retweet followers expressing their support as well as addressing the rumors on the actress’s sexuality:

But is most important is that Symone did it in her own way and on her own time. Instead of addressing the rumors she did what anyone should do which is continue to live her life the way she chose to. And she decided to announce her sexuality in the same way. If only every one would take this and other instances of people, celebrity or not, being able to express their sexuality and who they are on their own time and no one else’s schedule. Too often people believe that you owe them your story but that isn’t true at all. This is your journey so anyone else that has the mindset of telling you when you should express that needs to have a seat and realize that it is your life. Coming out is about taking ownership reclaiming your identity, not pacifying what is expected of you from other people.

Congrats Raven on your official coming out day

WOOF! Come Stare At Tyson Beckford & Rob Evans While It Rains

evans15 It has been a hectic week for everyone. I don’t know if it’s because of Mercury being in retrograde, or the full moon or all the gloomy whether but everyone has been so tense. So I decided to listen to some music and relax and a Toni Braxton song came on and I began fantasizing about one of her videos. You know the one where she’s talking about love while channeling Barbara Streisand. And her love interest was Tyson Beckford. One of the HOTTEST MALE MODELS EVER.

This man just screams pure, hot, steamy sex. I mean what else do I need to say here? Let’s continue to some of this best work



This of course from that infamous music video.  Sigh

beckford2This is sorta what he looked like in the dream I had last week when Beckford, along with Chris Pine and Colin Farrell were all a part of my quartet that completely seduced the audience and it. was. AMAZING. I bet the words just linger off his lips. And let’s not forget that Beckford was the host of the tv show that started the incredibly hot Ronnie Kroell and his career so we have to show this man some respect.



And to think this smoldering good looks that just seduce you to thinks you’ll say you regret the next morning *but in fact you were wanting to do those things all along. Plus Beckford helped influence this guy’s career



Rob Evans. Another insanely hot international model that has that smolder down to an artform and just makes certain things..harder for us.


Sporty and maybe a little dangerous. The good kind. He just probably makes it all seem bad. And can we talk about these please?!



And this one





Makes crappy days like this more bearable. And hotter.