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Hate Group SMACKDOWN! – Anti-Gay Hate Groups The Liberty Council and The Alliance Defense Fund Blame EACH OTHER For Prop 8’s Trial Loss!

Bwahahahahahahahaha!  This is rich.

In today’s episode of Haters Hate Haters……Both the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund and The Liberty Council are at each other’s throats blaming each other for the loss of the recent prop 8 Trial in California.

It turns out that in the beginning the anti-gay Liberty Counsel wanted to be one of the hate groups arguing the Prop 8 but the Alliance Defense Fund blocked their involvement. Protect Marriage even argued against the  Liberty Counsel calling them an “extreme fringe” group and “not a part of coalition that got Prop 8 passed.”

Now since the loss the Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver has going BALLISTIC about what a lousy job the ADF did, whining that ADF did  (LOL) and also bitches that none of the Liberty Councils “suggusted” haters were even called to trail.

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Here’s what Matt Staver has to say:

“First was a misplaced idea of competition or domination of the case,” he said. “And second, a desire to narrow the defense so as not to focus or even address the consequences of homosexuality and homosexual marriage.” “We wanted to include that as part of our defense,” he continued. According to Staver, the ADF “basically gave away the essence of the case, because they wanted to shy away from homosexuality and really were not willing to take the issue directly head on.” The ADF wished to stipulate, he said, that counseling some homosexuals to change could be harmful, that homosexual partners form long and lasting relationships, and that homosexuality does not impair any area of life. Liberty Counsel was not willing to do so.

Regardless of the reason that the ADF opposed Liberty Counsel’s entrance, the attitude that the ADF wished to project towards the court was reflected in the witnesses they planned on calling: at least three seemed to think that homosexuality, in itself, was perfectly fine. Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson had been slated to testify before the court for the proponents of Proposition 8, but they were both withdrawn before they did so.

So what do you thhink the over/under is that Dr. Alan “Lift My Luggage” Rekers was one of the expert witnesses that Liberty Council would have wanted to call in the beggining.

Personally I think this is great.  Just bring me some popcorn and I’ll happily sit back and watch these two asshole hater groups tear each other apart