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Ross Marquand Picked To Play Openly Gay Character of “Aaron” On AMC’s The Walking Dead



(Allegedly) Ross Marquand, who was last seen channeling Paul Newman in a Season 6 episode of Mad Men, will be joining our band of rag-tag sruvivors in the second half of the AMC series The Walking Dead as Aaron, one of the  prominent gay character from Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic series that will FINALLY make it onto the small screen.

Here’s the description of Aaron from Walking Dead Wiki:

Aaron is a character first encountered in Issue 67 of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead and is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community, formally working as a recruiter. He worked with Eric, who was his work partner and boyfriend.   Aaron spots Rick Grimes‘ group as they were traveling towards Washington and decided to see if they were worthy of joining the Safe-Zone.

In the 5 seasons so far, The Walking Dead has skipped gay characters and storylines up until this point.  The addition of the lesbian character Tara in the most part was motivated by Back2Stonewall’s previous reporting on how LGBT blighted the television version of the  TWD universe was.


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The Walking Dead: Is Ass Kicking Redneck Daryl Dixon Gay? Maybe!

Daryl Dixon sexy

During the course of the last four seasons of The Walking Dead on AMC, there has been much fan discussion and speculation over who Daryl Dixon might eventually make a romantic connection with on the show.  Daryl has formed close friendships with both Carol and Beth, but he has yet to hook up with either of them romantically treating Carol more like a “mother figure” and Beth more like a “little sister”

One question that has been posed in fan speculation sites over and has been whether Daryl might possibly be gay.  Especially that in the past TWD had basically ignored and cut gay and lesbians characters from the transfer from the graphic novel to television until the introduction of minor lesbian character of Tara appeared after much insistence from this website.  Now the question about Daryl’s sexuality was put to Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman in the letter column to The Walking Dead #130.   Currently in the comic series, there is a character maned Jesus who is a tough character and all around badass, who also just happens to be gay.  Fans are wondering if that  parallel might be  drawn to Daryl character in the TV series, as Daryl is also a badass whose sexual orientation is still somewhat of a mystery.

When asked if the possibility of Daryl being gay had been considered, Kirkman answered, “All I can say is that it’s been discussed. We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing… we’ll tackle it in the show.”

When asked if AMC would let the possibility of Daryl Dixon being gay fly, Kirkman responded, “For the record, they absolutely would.”

Personally I hope Daryl is gay.  After Season 4’s snoozefest some hot gay redneck sex would be a step up.  Maybe they can bring in Chris Hardwick to be his hot little geek powerbottom!

Are you listening AMC?


The Walking Dead: Walkers, The Governor and CUDDLING LESBIANS! – It’s about time.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

Finally after four seasons and countless bitchy posts from this website not one but two lesbian characters have surfaced on The Walking Dead officially ending their abysmal zero rating of having any LGBT representation on the AMC hit show.

In last nights episode “Dead Weight” (another snoozefest of a Governor story-line only episode) the only thing that made it worth watching was blocking out David Morrisey’s abysmal performance as the Governor and focusing on the supporting characters of Martinez and the brothers Ken (Dollhouse‘s very hot Enver Gjokaj) and Mitch (Fringe‘s Kirk Acevedo) and the lesbian coupling of  the characters Tara and Alisha.

When we first met Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) in Season 4, Episode 6: “Live Bait,” we didn’t know a whole lot about her.  She hinted a little bit at a previous girlfriend, Sam, in “Live Bait,” after the Chambler family car broke down — apparently, they’d taken mushrooms together on a camping trip, and Sam decided it’d be a great time to tell Tara that she’s actually straight. Womp womp.   But on last nights episode a potion of the LGBT community finally got included in the Walking Dead universe when  Tara hooked up with a fellow survivor at the Gov.’s new camp, Alisha (Juliana Harkavy).  

Very subtly done.  Some flirting, a walk in the walker infested woods, and an onscreen cuddle.  Not over the top, your face and not the defining stories of the characters. Which is much appreciated.  Television and movie charcters should nopt be defined by their sexuality.  It should just be there and dealt with no differently than heterosexuality.  I do have to say this though.  As hard as they tried the writes did miss the boat a bit on stereotyping,  Tara is, well was a cop and Alisha a Marine.  Lesbians do have careers other than ones that require shooting guns and being butch (Or so I am told) But hey, I give them an A for trying and finally after 4 seasons showing that a portion of the LGBT community does at least exist in The Walking Dead universe.

Now, TWD. How about Daryl coming out as a closeted gay redneck?  Its really not a far stretch considering his hair color keeps changing and his hair is always stylishly cut.  And it would sure lift the boredom of the Governor’s endlessly insipid story-line.


The Walking Dead Season 4 GAYWATCH: More Deaths, More Threats, But Any Gay Characters?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

With The Walking Dead: Season 4 premier only a week away its once again time for me to ask the same question that I have for the past three seasons.  Why is there not one LGBT character on the hit television show and will this season FINALLY be the one where an LGBT character is introduced?

Since the show began there has been a veritable United Nations of characters that have been seen on The Walking Dead,  every nationality and type of person you can imagine which in the end makes the lack of an LGBT character even more glaring and jarring.  Add to this the fact that in the Season 3 Prison storyline two gay characters were actually removed from  the comics transition from page to screen and later in the same season when the LGBT community was finally mentioned it was so in a stereotype way with the character of Axel thinking  that Carol was a lesbian because she had “short hair”. At this point you really have to begin to wonder if creator and writer of TWD Robert Kirkland is he afraid that he might upset his loyal GFB (Greasy Fan Boy) core audience, finds LGBT characters too hard to write or just simply doesn’t like gay people.

So as TWD: Season 4 is about to begin once again the question is will there be an LGBT character this season?

Well if Kirkland follows the comic book story-line, no.  After the introduction of the gay storyline in the prison arc the next gay charters don’t appear in the comic until the group of survivors reach the Alexandria Free Zone where we meet Eric  and his partner Aaron.  But that’s not until issue #68, and at the snails pace speed the television show is going would be about Season 100.   But Kirkman and TWD does not stick to the comics story line verbatim, if it did Dale, and Sophia would be still alive and The Governor and Woodbury storyline would have been a helluva lot more exciting.

Recently in an interview at San Diego Comic Con Kirkman did mention that in the comic’s story-line the Woodbury character of Cesar Martinez (played in the television series by the humpy was meant to be homosexual  but Kirkman never got around to it. (Shocking).  On the television show Martinez is still alive and well and at the end of last season rode off into the sunset with the Governor.  TWD  has been confirmed that the Governor as well  Martinez will return in season 4, but  Kirkland has already written the character as straight (Kirkland did get around to that though) by having Martinez state on the Season 3 episode Arrow on the Doorpost that he hates the walkers, after what they did to his wife and kids.

Invisibility on television is a major problem for the LGBT Community and both TV and movies need to learn that a characters sexuality is an aside, a trait like being left-handed or having blue eyes and should be presented as such, a passing comment, a bit of back-story and not something to fear presenting. Its just who they are.  It doesn’t need to be a main story but it does need to be included.

LGBT viewers of The Walking Dead and television and movies in general deserve much better.  Better characters, better representation, and better advocating for such by concerned individuals and organizations.

So once again this season it seems that there will be no representation of the LGBT community in The Walking Dead.  Unless of course Daryl Dixon, who has been fending off the advances of Carol for the past few seasons, turns out to be a shit-kicking, sexually confused, redneck.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

WATCH The NEW Waking Dead Web Series “The Oath”, Webisodes 1, 2, and 3! – Video

Watch Walking Dead The Oath

The Walking Dead webisode series returned today just two weeks before the premier of Season 4 with three new installments.

The Walking Dead: The Oath tells the story of the lone survivors of a massive walker-attack, Paul (Wyatt Russell, Cowboys and Aliens) and Karina (Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism), who speed across the countryside, frantically searching for an aid-station as one of them slowly bleeds out from a wound. Finally coming upon a hospital that has not been overrun at first feels like a blessing, but could soon turn to misfortune, as a seemingly benevolent doctor (Ellen Greene, Little Shop of Horrors and Pushing Daisies) may hide a darker and eviler agenda.

**NOTE: And STILL no LGBT characters



The Walking Dead Mid-Season 3 Finale: The One Where We Find Out Not Only Lesbians Have Short Hair



Zombie Kills:  9

Human/Enemy Deaths: 6

Last night AMC presented the mid-season finale of its smash zombie apocalypse hit The Walking Dead based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman of the same name

So far in Season 3 we have seen a much more character driven plot and some HUGE differences from the graphic novel and last night was no exception.

Last night Woodbury and Rick’s survivors finally collided together in an epic clash of smoke grenades, automatic weapons and blood as they attempted to rescue Glen and Maggie.

But before we get to that, the mid-season finale introduced us to yet another group of survivors, led by comics fan-favorite, Tyreese played by actor Chad Coleman.  (In the graphic novel Tyrese is a  former NFL player Tyreese who with his daughter Julie is introduced before Herschel’s farm),  After (mostly) surviving an attack by Walkers, the group heads into the prison and makes their way to a Walker-infested boiler room. Carl helps them out and leads them to a safe place within the prison.

Rick and the crew storm Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie just as Meryl is leading them to “The Screaming Pit”  But thanks to some smoke bombs and a lot of ammo the group succeeds and makes it out all except for Daryl who stays behind to lay down gunfire cover and Oscar the convict (we hardly knew ya dude) who gets shot by a Rick hallucinated Shane look-alike.

Michonne meanwhile ditches the group for a time to handle her own business with the Governor, she exacts her revenge by putting hers katana through the mouth of Penny, the Governor’s daughter, and in a barroom brawl with the Gov gets up close and personal with head-tanks and then give him a shard right in the old eyeball only to end in a stand-off between her and Andrea (the dumbest television character of all time)

Then we have hot white trash Darryl who really wanted to go talk to his brother Merle once Glenn told him he was the Governor’s lieutenant. And now, he’ll get the chance because The Governor is blaming  Merle for the rescue and is now pitting him against Darryl who was captured in the “screaming pits” or maybe he’ll just kill the both of them outright

So far Season 3 has been good.  But there have been a few mis-steps.  Herschel’s 1/2 episode leg amputation. (Boring)  The extremely long build-up in Woodbury.  And of course Andrea’s long term stupidity and bad judgement.

But other than that it’s been pretty solid season so far and the show is going strong and pulling out all the stops.


As we all know I have an issue with TWD and its absence of any LGBT identifying characters and the cutting the gay prison storyline in the graphic novel.  Also this season with the early demise of Laurie (she dies much later in the graphic novel) we also miss the graphic novels part of storyline where Carol hits on Laurie to try to get between her and Rick.

And then last night Robert Kirkman who wrote the episode had to add in this.

Axel (Lew Temple) it was certainly done in a creepy like a chat-room pedophile sort of way hits on Beth asking her how old she his. Carol pulled him away and tells him to stay away from her.  Axel at this point points out that Maggie is taken and that Carol is a lesbian.

And why does Axel think that Carol is a lesbian?

Because she has short hair.

Really Kirkman?  You’ve been writing the damn comic for 10 years and you couldn’t think of anything other than that to write?

You are killing me man.  First you make all LGBT characters invisible in TWD television world and then you have to get a cheap laugh off a lesbian stereotype throwaway line.


And so The Walking Dead at the end of third mid-season finale not only keeps its perfect rating of ZERO when it comes to LGBT characters.  It now goes into the NEGATIVE and stands at a – 1!

Get a clue and some diversity training Kirkman and start to remember that more than just fanboys are watching your show. And as gay as ComicCon was this year they just MIGHT be able to handel a gay or bisexual characters.