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Senator Scott Brown Dismisses LGBT Issues Like ENDA and DOMA Repeal As ‘Pet Projects’

U.S. Senator Scott (Men of Cosmo) Brown (R-MA)  in an editorial published Tuesday in Massachusetts LGBT newspaper, Bay Windows. Brown, wrote that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) were nothing more than “pet projects” and were not a part of his M.O. as a U.S. Senator.

“Being an independent voter and thinker means I am never going to satisfy one group or political party 100 percent of the time,” wrote Brown. “Since my election, I have crossed the aisle to work with the opposing party on many key issues, and I was recently named the second most bipartisan member of the Senate. I have never subscribed to the theory that good ideas or good policies are limited to one political party.”

“I don’t come before you with a checklist of items promising that I will be an advocate for you on each and every one of them. My opponent (Elizabeth Warren) has already started down that road, promising to support everyone’s pet project. That’s not the way I have ever operated.”

So Scott Brown believes that human dignity and the ability to live life equally under the laws without oppression or discrimination are “pet projects”?

Well hopefully the “soon to be former” Senator Brown when he’s unemployed will and has the time to actually think about his words and will  realize that  LGBT equality is not a  “pet project.” Its about whats right under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and its about ALL American citizens having the same basic civil rights and being treated with human dignity.

It is about fairness and whats right.