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Comic Alan Sues Dies At Age 85 – Uncle Al Will Always Be The Kiddies Pal

Alan Sues, best known for his flamboyant comedic style and is best known as a cast member on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,” the top-rated shows on television in the late 1960s, died on Thursday at the age of 85 years old.

The New York Times notes that Alan  never  came out for fear of losing work in Hollywood.

“It wasn’t because he was ashamed of being gay; it was because he was surviving as a performer,” Mr. Michaud said in a telephone interview, adding that Mr. Sues’ was actually an inspiration to many gay viewers. “Many gay men came up to him and said how important he was when they were young because he was the only gay man they could see on television,” Mr. Michaud said.

So sad that he had to stay hidden then and so sad that many in Hollywood feel as though they still have to stay hidden 40 years later.

Rest In peace Alan.  And thanks for the laughs