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AHS-NYC FINALE RECAP:  Episodes 9 and 10 ("A Requiem: 1981/1987") SPOILER ALERT!

AHS-NYC FINALE RECAP:  Episodes 9 and 10 (“A Requiem: 1981/1987”) SPOILER ALERT!

AHS NYC Finale Ep.9 & 10 jumped right into the rapid progression of the “illness” as we see it take out both Sam and Patrick even though they’d only experienced mild symptoms earlier. Before their deaths however, each is visited by ghosts from their past, as though they’re gay Ebenezer Scrooges being faced with their lives misdeeds. Sam is visited first by Billy, sweet headless William, Theo, and then by Henry (whom we never did see die and is dressed in leather to the max no less.) Theo brings Sam through the hospital, showing him how the men he neglected to show kindness to have all succumbed to the illness as well.

Next, Henry takes Sam to a dungeon, where he must confront the ways he’s transferred the pain he experienced at the hands of his father and previous bosses into sexual depravity, before showing him the beach on Fire Island where Sam unmasks Big Daddy, who becomes a noticeably less large blond twink.  What’s likely going on is that this new blond is the angel of death that Sam wants to see before he dies. Or maybe he’s meant to represent a past lover — it’s not made totally clear here but what has been for the past 5 weeks? Patrick is also forced to face how his own internalized homophobia by Barbara in a wedding dress has hurt others, how his commitment to masculinity and police caused unnecessary pain (Which Millennial writer wrote that?).   

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