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Frontiers Media/ Multimedia Platforms Worldwide Fires Award Winning Lesbian Journalist Karen Ocamb For Being Too Old.

Frontiers media ageism

Award winning LGBT journalist Karen Ocamb joined Frontiers Magazine, Southern California’s oldest and largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender magazine as a full-time staffer in 2002, she’d risen through the ranks to become news editor. Now 13 years later she has been fired. 

Why you may ask?  Because Frontiers Media/MPW thinks she’s too old.

Bobby Blair, CEO of Frontiers parent company, Multimedia Platforms Worldwide, told PressPassQ the company “found $1.1 million of efficiencies” by “reducing print staff.” The media conglomerate also owns New York’s Next magazine, FunMaps, Guy magazine, and Florida Agenda and the new millennial-focused Wirld website.

“Unfortunately, Karen fell where we realized we were moving toward a digital and millennial audience, and we wanted to give the generation of millennials a real shot at creating our content,” Blair told PressPassQ. “Karen did an incredible job and is very much missed. We would like to use her services in the future from time to time, if she would like to.”

Last September, Multimedia Platforms Inc. (MPI) of Fort Lauderdale announced that it had purchased the financially troubled Frontiers. MPI describes itself as the “only publicly traded LGBT media company.” It is traded on the over-the-counter penny stock market.

This my nothing but pure and blatant ageism running wild in the LGBT community. And something must be done about it.

Contact Frontiers Media and let them know that they cannot get away with this.

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Or use this contact form link by CLICKING HERE