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Legal Seafoods Restaurant Chain Comes Under Fire For Anti-Gay Ads

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Dan Landry, a 47-year old straight man in Boston has been attempting to get Legal Sea Foods to
apologize for what he sees as an offensive anti-gay ad called “Buddies” that suggests that the two men depicted fishing together would have sex just because they’re alone on the seashore for hours on end.

And this isn’t the first time that LS has used anti-gay jokes in its commercials.  Before  “Buddies,” there were two Legal Sea Foods ads in 2009 that made fairly blatant gay jokes. In one, a fishing boat captain earns a new nickname after making a big catch worthy of serving at Legal Sea Foods. At the end, the narrator says the captain “greatly preferred [this] over his previous nickname: “The Cocklegobbler.”

In the another  2009 commercial entitled “First Mate,” it tells of the story of Captain Wilbert Taft who gets so drunk celebrating his first catch worthy of being sold to Legal Seafood
he “swabbed his First Mate’s deck…if you know what I mean,” the announcer concludes.

I’m actually shocked that there hasn’t been a huge backlash to these ads. When I first saw that terrible ’Cocklegobbler’ ad, that one really shocked me. Clearly they are calling [the fisherman] a
 cocksucker.  I didn’t laugh at that type of stuff when I was in junior high school. It just doesn’t fit at all. [Maybe] they really don’t see it, and I bet others don’t either. They just make their ’Brokeback Mountain’ jokes and hope people will get a chuckle and choose them the next time they go out for a piece of fish and a glass of wine.” said Landry

Legal Sea Foods restaurant are operated throughout Washington, D.C.,  Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia and can be contacted by using their ONLINE CONTACT FORM or by calling Legal Seafoods LLC @ 617) 530-9000


Why Do Pro-Gay Advertisements Lack LGBT People?

Today I stumbled across an article asking why is there a complete lack of LGBT them had an actual gay couple on it? Right now there are four states (Washington, Maine Maryland, and Minnesota) voting on marriage equality in November and so far, NONE of those ads feature any LGBT people. They have a lovely straight couple talking about their lesbian friend, a pastor for gay rights, but no gay people at all. Why is this happening? Some say because it makes it easier.

Andy Szekeres a fundraising consultant, feels that having an LGBT person featured in these pro-gay ads would be upsetting to the “tough guys”:

The moderate tough guys we need to flip to win a couple of these races are still the ones who say that gays are gross. Pushing people to an uncomfortable place, it’s something you can’t do in a TV ad,” 

Matt McTighe, a Maine campaigner for marriage equality feels the same way, and summarizing that we should do whats good for the cause:

The simple truth is that we are trying to win over the people that are not yet with us. I’m a gay man, and the general rule of thumb for me is that an ad that meets my emotional needs is not necessarily the thing that’s going to change a typical voter’s mind about gay or lesbian people.”

Okay rationally maybe you have a point but…..NO NO NO. Cowering in fear of being who you are is NOT how we are going to win marriage equality. We have to shoe our oppressors naysayers and those who have no idea what being gay is and show that we love laugh and live just as they do. That we want the same things. The ONLY difference is who wee’re attracted to and that different DOES NOT mean better or worse…it just means different.

Truth Wins Out director, Wayne Besen, agrees that we shouldn’t be hiding in the shadows in these pro-LGBT ads:

“If we don’t show ourselves, people aren’t going to get comfortable with who we are”

So show us as we are and don’t hide it!