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STR8 Man Sues Suzie’s Adult Superstore Claiming Reverse Discrimination

Oh this is going to be good…….

A 30-year-old straight man says he was fired for not being gay, or gay enough, while working at Suzie’sAdult SuperStore in Sacramento, California.

A plumber by trade, Michael Beaton says he couldn’t find work in this tough economy, so he took the job at Suzie’s.  “I was a security guard, cleaned up the premises, and did a little loss prevention work,” he said.  (Sounds more like a PORTER to me.)

Beaton says a manager recommended he apply for a sales job. “I did the test. I did really good on the test, and a couple of months had gone by, and then I had gone back to the manager and asked him what was the deal. I was told flat out that I wasn’t the ‘gay boy’ they were looking for; they were looking for someone who was more gay,” explained Beaton.

Beaton also accused Suzie’s, and its parent company Janra Enterprises, of forcing him to clean areas of the building that he says were set up for people to have sex. In Sacramento County, sex inside a sex store is illegal.

“It was unsanitary, and too, I was coming to believe it was illegal,” Beaton said. (DUH?)

So lets get this straight……Breeder boy couldn’t get a job so he took a Security/Maintance job at Suzie’s Adult SuperStore.  He worked there for a few months stopping dildo shoplifters and mopping goo out of the arcade,  took a test to be a sales person, waited some more, more shoplifetrs and more goo, asked about the job and “wasn’t gay enough. waited 3 more months worth of dildo’s and goo and THEN decided he was discriminated against and that what went on in the arcade was illeagle.

IF Beaton was discriminated against thats wrong, pure and simple.  But this also reeks of sour grapes and an oppurtunistic way for this plumber to make a quick buck.