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International Winning Harness Racer Steven Shinn Fights Back At Gay Discrimination After Being Fired In Austraila

Steven Shinn is a world renowned horse harness racing champion well known in Australia. In 2008, the RWWA (Racing and Wagering of Western Austraila) employed him as a senior harness racing steward in , but shortly afterwards was told by the chairman: “None of your colleagues want to work with you”. and was fired.

Why?  Well according to one of his managers at the RWWA its because: ‘Before Shinn arrived here, we heard he was fired in Adelaide because your boss walked in on you naked with your boyfriend’, which of course was a complete lie.”

Discriminating against LGBT people in the workplace is illegal under Australian law.So Shinn has  lodged his case with the Fair Work Australia tribunal and wants his situation to empower other LGBT people who may be in the same situation.

“I want to draw attention to the plight of the thousands of gay and lesbian people and those from other minorities who daily suffer from both overt and latent discrimination still prevalent in this country,” Shinn said.

More than 100 key trotting figures have signed a petition protesting Shinn’s dismissal.

If this happens in a country where its against the law to discriminate against LGBT individuals….imagine how often it happens in America where it still is not. – Source

Rather Than Appeal And Fight For Gay Rights Philadelphia Settles With Boy Scouts For Half A Million Dollars

The city of Philadelphia and a local Boy Scout troop have resolved a long battle over the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay members. Well it’s been resolved for the city of Philadelphia to the tune of a kewl half-million dollars but in no way that ends gay discrimination in the Boy Scouts/

Originally the city had threatened to evict the Scouts from their city-owned headquarters building for violating city anti-discrimination laws. But a federal jury this year said the eviction would infringe on the private group’s right to free association. So instead of appealing the decision and sticking to their guns and fighting discrimination.  The city of Philadelphia has sold out and will instead sell the building to the Cradle of Liberty Council for $500,000, less than half its $1.1 million value and in exchange, the Scouts will forgive the nearly $1 million in legal fees the city was ordered to pay the Scouts after losing the case.

“At the end of the day, the Boy Scouts will be writing a check to the city, rather than the other way around,” Gosselin told The Associated Press. “This is a better solution than having to go through an appeals process.” said council attorney Jason Gosselin said Wednesday.

Better for the city of Phikadelphia to the tune of $500,000.00 but not for the battle of gay civil rights. 

The city of Philadelphia, the “so called'” Cradel of Liberty should be ashamed.

BREAKING NEWS – ACLU To File Lawsuit To Challlenge Constitutionality Of DOMA Tuesday


The details are sketchy but Pam’s House Blend is reporting that The American Civil Liberties Union and the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP will host a press conference to announce a lawsuit filed that day challenging the constitutionality of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA). DOMA is a federal statute that defines marriage as a “legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.”

Mississippi Corrections Officer André D. Cooley Fired For Being Gay. Lawsuit Filed

André D. Cooley (pictured left) and The American Civil Liberties Union filed a federal lawsuit Monday against The Forrest County Sherriff’s Department of Mississippi alleging that he was fired because his supervisors learned he was gay.  The lawsuit  requests unspecified damages from the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Billy McGee, Chief of Corrections Charles Bolton and Staff Sgt. Donnell Brannon, a jail employee.

The complaint states that Cooley had told a few co-workers about his sexual orientation but was still not officially “out of the closet” on the job.  The incidents pertinent to the lawsuit began with a 911 call placed by Cooley on June 14, requesting help in a domestic disturbance.  A Hattiesburg Police Department report lists Cooley as the victim and describes his male companion as the assailant. The complaint states Bolton also responded to the call and ordered Cooley to report to his immediate supervisor before returning to work after learning of the two men’s relationship.

Sheriff Billy McGee said he stands by the decision to fire Cooley.  “He got in a fight with his boyfriend, and the police were called to his house for a domestic disturbance,” McGee said. “Those kinds of incidents don’t speak well for people in law enforcement.”  McGee added:  “I certainly don’t think the federal government should have the authority to determine what kind of character a person has to have to be representative of a law enforcement officer in Forrest County,” McGee said.

There is no federal or state law forbidding discrimination in Missisippi on grounds of sexual orientation.  (But there would have been if ENDA was passed)