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Franklin Graham On ABC’s This Week: Happy Easter! He Is Risen and Gay Parents Are Going To Hell

Evil Prayers

“Reverand” Franklin Graham the legacy grifter following in his fathers footsteps and Ralph Reed appeared today, Easter Sunday  on ABC’s This Week today to denounce gay parenting and gay adoption and spread blatant Mark Regnerus type lies, adding that  then  that gay people can go to heaven as soon as they stop being gay.

“The social science on this is clear,” Reed said. “This isn’t about Vladimir Putin, this is about what’s best for children here in the United States. The social science is irrefutable: a child who grows up in a home without the mother and father present, and they both very unique procreative, nurturing, and socializing roles, they’re nine times more likely to end up dropping out of high school; they’re five times more likely to end up in poverty; and they’re three times more likely to end up addicted to drugs and alcohol.”

“But the social science is also irrefutable that a child raised in an orphanage is in much worse shape than a child raised in a home,” Roberts objected. “And the fact that people are willing to take these children and raise them, and raise them in a loving way, is clearly better for these children.” “Would you agree with that?” host Martha Raddatz asked. “Would you rather have a child sitting in an orphanage than have gay parents?” “I think the social science is just simply not in yet on same-sex couples,” Reed said, in a notable departure from his comment thirty seconds ago. “I think the law has every right to set an ideal. And the ideal is a mother and a father.”

So whats worse.  Graham’s and Reed’s utter lies and bullshit?  Or  ABC hosting this anti-gay hate-mongering grifter and a sleazy conman (guess who’s who) on a “news” show on Easter morning?

Starts at the 5 minute mark.

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