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Aaron “I’m Not Gay” Schock Plays G.I. Joe With Real G.I. Joes

Via Schocks Facebook page:

Challenged by cadets at West Point to complete the Combat Water Survival Lab which is their toughest requirement for graduation. The associated press describes it as “Perhaps the mother of all swim tests – Survival Gate # 4 – can be found at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Weighed down by heavy equipment, cadets must perform several tasks in a pool amid simulated battlefield chaos. Artificial fog, rain, and deafening noise are pumped in, darkness is punctuated only by strobe lights, and the water is churned by artificial wave makers.” #almostdrowned #goarmy

Next up Sshock will be traveling to The Naval Academy to see how many greased monuments he can climb….. on


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Aaron SchrockGIJoe