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Video – Syfy Channel’s “Warehouse 13” New Main Character Steve Jinks Comes Out: “I’m Gay.”

SyFy Channel’s hit show Warehouse 13  introduced a new male lead in addition to the usual cast last week named Steve Jinks, nicknamed “Jinksy” played by Aaron Ashmore best known to us geeks as playing  Jimmy Olsen on the recently ended Smallville.

After last weeks character introduction of Agent Jinks in which we find out that Agent Jinks is not only a great field agent but also a Buddhist and can always tell when someone is lying.

In this week s episode titled “Trials”  more of  Steve Jinks charcater comes out quite literally when  the charcater of Claudia thinks Jinx is hitting on her, and after teasing him some more and making Jinx uncomfortable with the implication that he is into her, Jinx reassures her that he was in no way attempting to come on to her, because he is in fact, gay.  And the best thing about it?  Nothing shocking and not earth shattering.  That was it.  It’s just a bit of character information and not a part of plot or the main storyline. 

According to series-creator Jack Kenny “Syfy suggested it. We were pitching this character and a couple of the execs are gay and said, “What if Steve was gay?” We immediately jumped on the idea — but it’s just a part of who he is, it doesn’t define the character.”

Congratualtions to Warehouse 13 and the Syfy Channel for taking notice that being gay does not define a charcater and in turn writing a Gay character, openly gay, openly gay and male, and openly gay and male and cute, and not an obvious gay stereotype. Other television series should stand up, take notice and follow the lead.

Scene starts at the 6:00 mark