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WATCH and COMPARE Todd Hayne’s "Mildred Pierce" Remake Trailer To The Original Starring Joan Crawford

Watch the new trailer for HBO’s upcoming miniseries remake of the 1945 gay cult movie Mildred Pierce, which starred Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce, Ann Blythe as bitchy daughter Veda, and Eve Arden as wise cracking friend and Mildred’s partner Ida Corwyn.

This time around Kate Winslet takes on the role of the long suffering Mildred, Evan Rachel Wood (who has SUCKED  in True Blood this season) as Veda the BITCH and Mare Winningham taking over the Eve Arden role?

Directed by Todd Haynes the HBO version will run as a mini-series with 5 episodes. 

Where I love Todd Hanyes work and I am sure It will be a very pretty and a nicely shot mini-series but to me this is l gay sacrilege!

Could Evan Rachel Wood ever pull off:  “With this money I can get away from you. From you and your chickens and your pies and your kitchens and everything that smells of grease. I can get away from this shack with its cheap furniture. And this town and its dollar days, and its women that wear uniforms and its men that wear overalls.”  I don’t think so.

**You can watch BOTH the original 1945 Trailer and the HBO Miniseries Trailer after the jump.  (Please feel free to leave comments.  I would LOVE to hear what has to be said about this!)

Watch 5 Clips of Neil Patrick Harris’ Production of "RENT" At The Hollywood Bowl! (Video)

This past weekend Neil Patrick Harris staged his vision of the iconic musical  “Rent” written by the late Jonathan Lawson about the lives of a group of bohemian friends who live in NYC’s East Village during the height of the AIDS crisis.ala’ La Boheim at the Hollywood Bowl, which ran for only three performances. 
Watch 5 Musical numbers after the jump!  Just click “Read more..” below!

Over 250,000+ Attend Belin Germany’s Gay Pride Festival "Christopher Street Day 2010" (Video)

An estimated crowd of 250,000+  revelers lined the downtown streets of Berlin Saturday to celebrate the German capital’s annual gay pride parade.

The colorful parade comes a week after the city’s annual Lesbian and Gay City Festival (Lesbisch-Schwules Stadfest), a rocking party that lasts all weekend and draws thousands.

Now in its 32nd year, Saturday’s gay pride parade is called Christopher Street Day in commemoration of the start of the modern gay rights movement at the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1969. The gay bar is located on Christopher Street, the gay neighborhood’s most famous street.

About 50 colorful floats wound their way around Berlin’s downtown streets to end up for the first time at the Brandenburg Gate.

Looks like a BLAST!

Some Of The 2010 Oscar Best Picture Nominee’s Re-Imagined As Gay Porn

And this years nominees for Best Picture are…..

UP –  An animated, Viagra-sponsored tale about a grieving old man, his floating Palm Springs mid-century modern home, and the legions of young pool-boys, gardeners, pizza delivery drivers, and cable repairmen whose balloons he has to pop in order to learn life’s central lesson: so long as you can get it UP life is goo-d.

Up in the Air –  George Clooney attempts to earn Executive Palladium status in American Airlines’ Frequent Mile-Higher program, by “hitting the call button” with hot stewards in some of the jetway’s classiest lavatories.

The Hurt Locker – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell my ass! These boys get on their knees to do more than fire that rifle.  In this Iraq War-based S&M fantasy, Catherine Biganlow unleashes a foot(long )locker of hurt on a young cast of unknowns.

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Speaking of fox-holes, George clooney is at it again as he  attempts to plug as many as he can as the voice of a mangy, dirty old fox. Just when he’s finally lived down his former Den Master title and taken up running a clothing-optional B&B (Burrow & Breakfast), Mr. Fox gets pulled back in for “just one more raid” on a trio of local Scout camps. What makes Mr. Fox so fantastic? I think you can guess. (Hint: it’s more girth than length.) But you’ll have to see it to truly believe it.

It’s Complicated –  Your gay marriage sours and you get gay divorced. Obviously, your first act is to immediately return to whoring around, making your extremely well-endowed ex- jealous. So he comes poking back into the picture. If you were straight, this would be a solid premise on which to build a romantic comedy. But since you’re gay, it’s simply another good excuse for ninety-minutes of sleazy three-way action!

Inglourious Basterds – Super Butch Jewish Army Sergeant Chaim Putitin is gathering a special crack team of hot, young, Jewish-American WWII soldiers. They plan to strike fear into the hearts and butts of the Nazis by implementing a brutal Double-Penetration Campaign. A gang bang epic for the ages.  UNCUT and, well, er…..UNCUT.

Leiberman/Levin FINALLY Introduce DADT Repeal Bill (Video)

Leiberman, (I still can’t believe they picked this traitorous Democrat to head the Repeal Bill) has stated that “It will repeal the law that prevents gay Americans from openly serving in the military, prohibit discrimination against service members on the basis of sexual orientation, and promote the establishment of Reserve Officer Training Corps units at elite colleges and universities.”

Thats great!  But BOTH Lieberman and Levin have also stated that confessed that there might be a need for a back-up plan should the bill not garner enough supporters to pass. From Politico:

“Lieberman stressed the support for a repeal of the bill among the American people, but admitted that he’s short of the 60 he’d need in the Senate.

‘We don’t have 60 votes today-that’s our battle,’ he said. ‘If the votes aren’t there, a moratorium would be a good step.'”

So the REAL question is why the hell is it with over 70 percent of Americans saying that its time for a repeal that there aren’t 60 Votes and why don;t they show some real transparency for a change and tell us who the holdouts are instead of covering thier fat and pompous political asses?

Servicemembers United has called on not only Levin,  (Interesting how they skipped Leiberman isn’t it.) but also Obama to TAKE ACTION NOW!

While the new bill will still have to work its way through the normal legislative process, two supporting actions will be needed to ensure passage of the bill in 2010. First, President Obama can and should include explicit repeal language in one of the Defense Department’s legislative proposal packages that will be transmitted to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees over the next two months. This would be the single most critical action the President can still take to ensure repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law in 2010.

Second, Senator Carl Levin, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, should ensure that full repeal language is included in the original draft of the Fiscal Year 2011 National Defense Authorization Act that is crafted within his committee. These two actions together can ensure that the necessary support is in place to secure the needed votes for repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law in 2010.