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1990’s Gay Porn Legend Ryan Idol Convicted Of Attempted Murder

Idol Eyes, Idol Worship, Idol Country,  Idol In The Sky.  It seems that the only thing that wasn’t “idle” during the 1990’s was porn legends Ryan Idol’s a.k.a. Marc Anthony Donais’ penis.

But years pass and time marches on but now once again Idol (Donais) is in the headlines again but this time for being convicted of attempted murder for beating the woman over the head with a porcelain toilet tank lid on September 20 by a Sacramento jury.

Idol (Donais) who now identifies’ as “Bisexual” attacked his current girlfriend in her in-laws’ apartment she broke up with him. She states that they lived for a while  in West Sacramento before moving into a condominium.  The condo was purchased by a male lover of Idol/Donais’ from New Hampshire who eventually moved in with them. She testified she moved out when she caught them having sex.  A couple days later Idol/Donais knocked on her door and he said, “I came over here to kill you.” After a scuffle he smashed his ex-girlfriend in the head with a toilet-tank lid

The 45-year-old testified he acted in self-defense: he thought the woman had a knife—despite the fact that she was taking a bath at the time.  Obviously the jury did not believe him. 

Idol/Donais faces a maximum of 15 years in prison

BEST Of The 80’s Meets Worst Of The 90’s – He-Man’s Prince Adam + 4 Non-Blondes MASHUP! (Video)

Okay here we go.  Watch as the best of the ’80s (He-man, duh) meets the worst of the ’90s (4 Non-Blondes) in this extremely gaytacular dance video. YOU MUST stick with it until the 1:30 mark when it speeds up, and I promise you will be rewarded.