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Scott "Crimes Against Humanity" Lively's 2014 Russian Anti-LGBT Propaganda Documentary Released In English - Video

Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively’s 2014 Russian Anti-LGBT Propaganda Documentary SODOM Released In English – Video

Back in 2014, religious extremist and anti-gay activist Scott Lively appeared in a virulently anti-LGBT propaganda documentary titled “Sodom” that aired on Russian television. The film was produced by famously anti-gay TV host Arkady...

Anthony Silva Stockton CA Mayor arrested

Anti-Gay GOP California Mayor Arrested For Recording Teen Boys Playing Strip Poker and Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors [VIDEO]

Sacramento’s NBC affiliate is reporting that Republican Stockton, California Mayor Anthony Silva, a family values anti-gay GOP politician who has held official town hall meetings at an anti-gay megachurch and gave the key to the city of Stockton to...