Pete Buttigieg Burns DeSantis Over Anti-Gay Ad: He Sure Uses A Lot Images Of Oiled Up Shirtless Bodybuilders.

Pete Buttigieg Burns DeSantis Over Anti-Gay Ad: He Sure Uses A Lot Of Images Of Oiled Up Shirtless Bodybuilders.

Chasten called the ad ‘actually very gay!

Appearing on CNN on Sunday morning Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, was asked for his response as one of the most high-profile gay officials in the Biden administration about an ad posted yesterday from Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign that spliced the Florida governor in between pictures of shirtless men while trying to paint Donald Trump as more LGBTQ-friendly.

I’m going to choose my words carefully, partly because I’m appearing as secretary, so I can’t talk about campaigns and I’m going to leave aside the strangeness of trying to prove your manhood by putting up a video that splices images of you in between oiled-up shirtless bodybuilders.

Who are you trying to help? Who are you trying to make better off and what public policies do you get up in the morning thinking about how to solve?”

the messenger

Excellent shade from Pete. Saying he’s going to leave aside the homoerotic nature of the DeSantis ad, which actually puts it front and center. He’s a brilliant master of the sly response.

Can we make Pete the permanent spokesperson for the Democratic Party please?

One thought on “Pete Buttigieg Burns DeSantis Over Anti-Gay Ad: He Sure Uses A Lot Of Images Of Oiled Up Shirtless Bodybuilders.

  1. Instead of “accepting less” as a Pete Buttigieg who supports militarism and neo-liberal capitalism that harms working people, there can be much better politics and policies – much needed by MOST of us. The politician talkers who do not deliver are just theater. What we need are OURSELVES, to encourage more of our people to be activists working together to build a mass independent LGBT Movement that has participatory democracy and NOT controlled for those in privilege and power, whose interests are not in empowering and addressing the needs of most LGBT People. The changes and advances have happened BECAUSE of Our Movement and Our Activism. Instead of just giving Our Power to a person or a political party – who disappoint and not provides WHAT policies Our People need enacted – have them DO NOW things for us – as passage of the long overdue Equality Act in Congress and ending fossil fuels destruction of a livable environment. Our Community is stronger and better when we take care of ALL OF US who unlike the wealthy, experience trying to survive daily with LESS. Many are isolated and need to cooperate together to resist what they get no shortage of – in homophobia and exploitation disrespect. No surprise that Florida Governor Desantis is a bigot who does not want LGBT working people to have needed rights, services and respect. But what has Pete Buttigieg done for LGBT workers when he was South Bend mayor and consider never came out until it was a political advantage for him. The corporate dems only want our people and allies money and not caring about the large number of homeless LGBT People and abused elderly in unsafe conditions, and so many of us who without jobs, evicted, lacking medical care and our youth attacked in schools and their neighborhoods. The Dems could have passed the Equality Act many years ago with majorities in both houses of Congress – but not a priority for them to do the needed effort. Pete B. was missing in action in not speaking up then for the many of Our People. I see nothing he or Biden have done to end the harm to LGBT People in Saudi Arabia, seeking to help far more the wealthy fossil fuel industry. The Stonewall Rebellion was by the poor working people many homeless – and we are still waiting for the wealthy and privileged LGBT to be concerned about others than just themselves. That is Real Community and why we need a Movement that cares about ALL. and not just one person who benefits when it is without “risks” for them.

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