BREAKING: Here’s a rundown of all the news related to the Trump Indictment Today:

1) The Trump Indictment has just been UNSEALED! Defense and weapons capabilities, Nuclear information and other defense secrets were all included in the Top Secret documents Trump held.

2) Trump aide Walt Nauta has been INDICTED Nauta was allegedly involved in moving boxes of classified documents following subpoenas by the government.

3))Trump allegedly on tape He is allegedly talking about not being able to declassify documents as a former President, and appears to have shared a classified document about Iran.

4) Trump’s lawyers have stepped down Following the indictment the team of attorneys representing Trump in the documents case has stepped down.

All in all Donald Trump had 36 counts against him.

Aileen Cannon, a U.S. district judge appointed by former President Donald Trump to the federal bench, will initially oversee the federal case against the man who elevated her to the role,.

Cannon was assigned Trump’s case while a magistrate will handle his first appearance Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Miami, the latest twist in a legal battle of historic magnitude. It remains unclear at this stage, however, if Cannon will ultimately preside over the entire case.

Even before the documents case, Cannon has been linked to Trump legal cases.

While Cannon was randomly assigned the Mar-a-Lago case, Trump in April 2022 sought to get an unrelated racketeering lawsuit against Hillary Clinton before the Southern District of Florida, where Cannon is a judge. That case was sent to Clinton-appointee U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks instead, but Trump asked him to recuse himself from the case. Middlebrooks took notice of Trump’s attempt to get a judge seen as friendly in that case and specifically mentioned Cannon in court documents.

You get the tar and I’ll get the feathers?

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