The NYC Drag March Was Going Fabulash. Then This Happened.

The NYC Drag March Was Going Fabulash. Then This Happened.

“We’re here. We’re Queer. We’re coming for your children? SAY WHAT?

Last night hundreds of fabulously dressed people took to the streets of the East Village in NYC.

The NYC Drag March starting Tompkins Square Park in the East Village and ending in front of the Stonewall Inn was going swimmingly until a group started to chant: “We’re here. We’re Queer. “We’re Coming For Your Children.”

What the actual fuck? I mean really. Do these people not watch the news or are they just so privileged in their own little safe NYC LGBTQ+ bubble that they don’t care?

Other than those few moments of stupidity the march was enjoyed by all. But they just gave our enemies more ammunition to use against us.

We understand sarcasm and snark. The other side does not.

So do us all a favor and think before you chant.

28 thoughts on “The NYC Drag March Was Going Fabulash. Then This Happened.

  1. “We understand sarcasm and snark. The other side does not”
    Nothing meta clever about this chant. Threatening children is sinister. People who care about them understand that.

  2. Except we ARE coming for their children! Vocal right wing parents’ minds may be closed, but children’s minds are open to the message of liberation, and the best hope for our dreams of true freedom from discrimination lies with future generations. While this message is likely to provoke a strong reaction, does that justify silencing the truth?

    1. It not up to you to tell my children anything that goes against our beliefs and religion. YOU are the reason we will take up the fight against. When my children grow up, they can decide but until then, BACK OFF RAINBOW LETTER, there will be a problem.

        1. Religion is a choice. Hence the word “Belief” . Why is that ok to push on your children? Shouldn’t ALL choices be made by them , if that’s what your doing?

      1. The truth is in the Bible, the word of God. The truth is, children are innocent and in such innocence parents are ultimately responsible for their mental, emotional and intellectual upbringing and development. The LGBTQ+ must cease and desist from reaching out to-for these innocent souls in the making. Grown people are open to freely choose between the straight and narrow path and the way of the world. But children? Jesus said: “… Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
        Mat 19:14

        Leave the children out of this “abomination”. They belong to Jesus!

        God is watching

    2. Yeah, no. I 100% support LGBTQIA rights, and that includes drag queens. and i get thats what y’all may have been meaning, but WHAT THE HELL y’all?? did you not think???? did you not expect the other side to run with this and paint y’all as “ah ha see??? we told you they were groomers!”

      “silencing the truth” my ass, there is a time and place for everything and the way things are at this time, that was a HORRIBLE idea to chant. Idc how much you say youre in some kind righteous position for it, it was DUMB. the ones who are gonna suffer most for this are you and your felloe community members. I love yall but DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!

    3. Yes, Stephen we know. We FINALLY know, which is why the “Live and Let Live” crowd is off the bench and in the game now. And believe me, if the LGB community doesn’t get a divorce from the TQ+ community soon, we’re gonna find rights for everyone rolled back to Pre-Harvey Milk days.

    4. A child’s mind does not have the mental capacity or ability to fully grasp or understand the severity of life altering decisions and it’s NO ONE’S business but the child’s PARENTS to teach them how to make decisions concerning permanent decisions in life. As a CHILD, I thought getting my face tattooed to look like a skull was the coolest thing ever and had my mind set that once I was old enough, I was going to make that happen. Now that I’m old enough to make my own decisions, I THANK GOD I didn’t have the ability to go on my own and do what I wanted to do then. There is no issue with being who you wanna be, there is no problem with what someone does behind closed doors- what most people have a problem with is someone glorifying what is nothing more then a sexual fetish to a CHILD that that person has absolutely NO FAMILY TIES to. Just as the Tomgirl who plays in the mud and likes trucks at an early age, then MATURES into a proper young woman through no cohesion from anyone but her own life experiences. I am a very open minded individual but when it comes to another adult trying to teach my child about their sexual fantasies and desires, that’s a line that will not be crossed.

  3. This is insanity and stupid. You want to be queer, fine. Don’t push your agenda unto me or my family and don’t threaten to come after anyone’s kids. This is why a lot of people are homophobic.

    1. Most people are not homophobic. We are, like you said, sick to death of a MONTH of this being shoved in our faces and our kids faces. It is not for you to tell my kids about anything. What you do in your privacy is your business, we don’t want you parading around and glorifying it. It’s abnormal.

      1. Why do y’all get a fuckin month to celebrate and push your ideology onto anyone who hasn’t got a functioning braincell that will listen? Veterans and those who have fought and died for your right to be loud, proud, and obnoxious only get one day each and we are lucky if we get a thank you and respect put on our names.

  4. they were very stupid for saying that because Republicans are going to use this for the presidential election and when a republican wins that’s when they will be screaming oh my God they are taking our rights away and they gave them the power by being stupid coming for who’s children you dumb gay people will cry when the Republican win office in 2024 because you are stupid and gave them that power with saying that you are coming for their children like you are going to start raping children because that’s what it sounds like you are hungry for young children stupid people

  5. 1. SHAME the F on you. We’re coming for your children! Okay, if those aren’t FIGHTING and I mean blowtorching gas on an inferno words then I don’t know what is.

    2. STOP! Everyone STOP. Personal choice, just like soda or seltzer or water or coffee or/and… SSWC++ squared? Oh wait, tea, lemonade T& L plus….?!?!?! ! WTF!
    Do YOUR thing in privacy, I’ll do MINE and let’s move the F on…. all these agendas are causing separation, hostility and hate! The more attention that goes HERE will only FUEL the division.

    Accept we ALL have free will in America, everyone will chose what’s right for thier family and thier CHILDREN.

    Choose Peace, Acceptance and Love…we are all one after all, human.

  6. I’m a gay African American Woman and must admit that whoever made that horrible statement about, “coming for your children, was in my opinion was asking for trouble. Who we choose to be with as adults, is our business but when a person makes a horrible statement like that, they make it harder for people that just want to be with whoever they want. Watch what you say, because what you say, may get other people hurt, children are off limits, and that means mine too, and I’m gay. But I want my children to make up their minds about, who they want to be with. Gay or Straight, as long as they are happy. People, please watch what you say, if you want people to respect you and not judge you. Sincerely,

  7. I think they should shut the f up and keep it all in the bedroom not the public arena. What the hell is happening in America? gays having sex in public ,cross dressers cross genders pedophiles and sex slaves and whatever else is going on out there is just sickening how did we get here ?

    1. EXACTLY!! Nobody has an issue UNTIL the lines of decency and respect are crossed. Once what someone wants to describe as a “lifestyle” becomes sexualized then forced upon others, that’s where lines are crossed and becomes a problem

  8. I grew up where Ralph and Alice Cramden, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Even Wilma and Fred slept in separate beds. That was completely conservative. Now, I am bombarded with LGBT+. I am castigated for not being in favor of the “movement”. I have a right to my belief and those on the LGBQT+ movement have a right to theirs. BUT NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO CHILDREN EXCEPT PARENTS!!!!

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