Pat Robertson DEAD at 93. Read What REALLY Should Be In His Obituary.

Pat Robertson DEAD at 93. Read What REALLY Should Be In His Obituary.

True what they say. Only the good die young.

While the New York Times and other journalism sites “wax poetic” about Pat Robertson and “how he built an entrepreneurial empire based on his Christian faith, encompassing a university, a law school, a cable channel with broad reach, and more. A product of a family with politics in its veins,” Perhaps they should tell the real story of Robertson’s empire and how he built it on hate.

While preaching “God’s love”. Robertson took every advantage he could to play on people’s hate and grifted millions upon millions of dollars from them in his lifetime. His bile mostly fell on the backs of gays and lesbians but later in life he included bisexuals and transsexuals just to spread the hate around.

Here is a collection of some of Robertson’s greatest “Hate Hits”.

Evangelical Cryptkeeper Pat Robertson: The Death Penalty Is “Absolutely Biblical”

Christian Crypt Keeper Pat Robertson: I Am Being ‘Dominated’ By ‘Homosexuals’

Pat Robertson: Gays Should Wear Special Colors So We Know They Are Sodomites

Pat Robertson: Gay Men Use Special Rings To Cut People And Give Them AIDS – Video

Pat Robertson: Gays Can Change Just Like Rapist, Thieves and Murderers – Video

Pat Robertson Pushes Harmful Ex-Gay “Therapy” for Gay Son.

And the hits go on and on.

So. In conclusion: Pat Robertson–who cheered the spread of AIDS as “God weeding his garden,” blamed 9/11 on feminists the gays and the ACLU, blamed Hurricane Katrina on abortion, and equated same-sex marriage with pedophilia–has died.

We don’t care where. We don’t care how.

Happy Pride Month!

6 thoughts on “Pat Robertson DEAD at 93. Read What REALLY Should Be In His Obituary.

  1. Agreed. Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate guy. It could have been sooner, but that’s life. Er – not.

  2. If there is a theme that is common throughout God’s word it is that Judgment Day is coming! God laid the penalty of sin on Jesus so that we can die to sin and live in God! He has provided a way of escape from His wrath! No one has to live in sin! It is a sad choice that people love sin more than the holy God who made them. Argue, mock, or fuss, but it is not Pat Robertson you fight against, but God all the way to your destruction if you don’t repent and acknowledge God is right.

    1. If you keep what Pat stood for and statements he made in context with his entire message, you will see that it indeed lined up with what the Word of God says about sin. He was a great man of God and Regent University is an amazing shelter under which your young students can really thrive and learn.

    2. God May be right, but that also includes loving the “sinner”. Why do we find it permissable to spew lies and filth about people who are of a different belief? Jesus broke bread with sinners, he forgave those who nailed him to a cross. He showed love and compassion. Qualities that some “famous” Christians don’t adhere to. Live by example, not by hate.

  3. He was a grifter and spread nothing but hate. If you think he was a man of God, then you do not know God. You are as lost as he was. Glad his time is over.

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