KENTUCKY - KKK and PROUD BOY Recruitment Flyers Being Found Around State.

KENTUCKY – KKK and PROUD BOY Recruitment Flyers Being Found Around State.

FBI and  Police in Kentucky are looking into reports of racist flyers being spread through towns by the Ku Klux Klan and the Proud Boys recruiting members.

The FBI said these flyers have been seen all across the state, from northern Kentucky, to the Lexington area, to Bullitt County.

In 2021, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported nine hate and anti-government groups here in the Bluegrass. They’ve been tracking since 2000 and since then, here in Kentucky, they saw a spike in those numbers in 2016 with as many as 23 of those groups. 

“Neighborhood watch,” the Klan flyer advertises in part. “You can sleep sound tonight. The Klan is awake.” The flyers also urged residents to report crimes and drug dealers to an email address.

The name of the Trinity White Knights Ku Klux Klan – a Kentucky-based offshoot of the white supremacist organization .

Federal agents said they’re keeping a close eye on what’s happening, especially in light of an incident in Corbin earlier this month, when anti-LGBTQ protesters faced off with demonstrators at a Pride event. Two protesters showed up, shouting homophobic slurs and showing a KKK membership card.

Others across the state have contacted local authorities after seeing Proud Boys flyers in their communities.

It’s getting very scary out there. Please take care.

15 thoughts on “KENTUCKY – KKK and PROUD BOY Recruitment Flyers Being Found Around State.

    1. They have every right to free speech as the opposition does. As long as the hate doesn’t turn to violence there is no reason to say they should be jailed.

      1. There is an underlying tone of hate & violence and such messages should not be tolerated. Society has come a long way in acceptance of people who are different and these groups want to set us back.

    2. They are saying report crime an drug dealers how is this a bad thing . Isn’t that what the cops say do ?

      1. Free speech with out violence. But some ppl can’t do that like in the past yr an half. But nobody complained about them why not .

  1. They are espousing hate rhetoric..that’s goes out of bounds on the 1st amendment..what they are doing is not considered “free speech” and thusly are eligible to be jailed and rightfully so.

    1. I agree, there is an undertone of hate and violence. I have no doubt their words by passing out these flyers will lead to violence just like the January 6 Capito riots.

    2. They are just asking to report crime an drug dealers .thats it .you all are making it more then it is . This isn’t the 60’s 70’s an 80’s anymore things change ppl need to grow up or talk about all this shit other groups do to don’t just profile one . Call them all out or none at all.

  2. I can see no harm in the flier. Simply asking to report crime isn’t a violation of any law that I have ever read or even heard about. Seems like they are just asking for a safer neighborhood. What’s so wrong with that. We could some more propaganda along those lines in west Kentucky as well if i you ask me. They’d probably get my vote anyways. I see nothing wrong with the idea of a safer neighborhood even if it isn’t the uniform officers enforcing it.

    1. Brother amen…. I wholeheartedly agree with this and I am from eastern Kentucky so I know what it’s like and if it can be cleared and cleaned up I will back them up 100%….Carrie

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