GOP Rep Josh Hawley: UFOs Are Are Almost A Bigger Threat Than Gay People.

GOP Rep Josh Hawley: UFOs Are Are Almost A Bigger Threat Than Gay People.

Well, I guess if anyone knew about anal probes…

A few days before the Road to Majority conference, GOP Rep. Josh Hawley responded to a question about retired U.S. Air Force veteran David Grusch, who told NewsNation there’s a top-secret government program that has uncovered fully intact “non-human exotic origin vehicles” and several “non-human” remains.

Hawley went on to suggest that the #1 greatest threat to America wasn’t “woke agendas” or gay people, but actually UFOs.

The number of these is apparently huge, huge. And that is something that the government has, the best I can say about it, downplayed, if not kept from the public, for a long, long time.”

“I don’t have any basis to evaluate them [Grusch’s claims], but do some of the details that he’s alleging, do they sound plausible? Yeah, sure. They sound plausible, based on what I’ve seen this government do in other instances.”

“What we learned from the Chinese spy balloon incident is that one part of the government actively concealed it from other parts of the government… because that’s what they do all the time.”

No one in the GOP, much less Hawley, can even define the term they invented…”cultural Marxism”

This is also a serious and crazy accusation of crime.

Let’s hope that Josh Hee Hawley giets all the attention he deserves.

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