CALIFORNIA: Fliers Left At TARGET Call For The Execution Of LGBT+

CALIFORNIA: Fliers Left At TARGET Call For The Executions Of LGBT+

We need to stand up and start fighting back against the hate of the religious extremist and the Republican party.

Disturbing news out of California:

In the midst of Pride month, a disturbing incident marred the inclusive spirit as fliers containing derogatory remarks about the LGBTQ+ community were discovered on multiple cars outside a Target store.

According to Ashley Rawson, a person who received one of the fliers, they spent a brief period of time in the Target store before discovering the offensive flyer on their car’s windshield upon returning.

Rawson reportedly observed that at least two rows of cars in the vicinity had also been targeted with the same flyer attached to their windshields. KRCR interviewed an anonymous Target employee who claimed they had received verbal backlash after the display of Pride merchandise.

Redding’s ABC affiliate

In case you are wondering.

Luke 17:2 “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

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  1. What do I think? I think a certain percentage of Americans(if you can call them that) have gone mad because of idiots Who fear some perceived loss of white, Christian power. These extremists aren’t doing all of this because they fear their children are being groomed. Their fear is if it ain’t like them it has to be the boggie man coming to hurt them and take away what they have. Uneducated, ignorant, weak, helpless folks who can’t think their way out of a paper sack. Stared with Jerry springer and is now perpetuated by trump and his followers who have zero ability to use discretionary thinking.

    1. They were referring to LGBTQ ‘s who are participating in the influence of this, in school, which targets the kids…not the ones who just want to be free to make their own decisions. Stop making excuses to call us fear mongers because they’re different and because we fear having Christian rights taken away. That’s totally manipulative crap! They just don’t want to have to deal with issues that affect their conscious…period!!

        1. No ppl are mad because they just want to do whatever the fuck they want too …period. Then stop displaying it all over the place like if it’s normal thing keep it out of our children face let them grow and have a normal life that’s not a normal life telling your daughter who was born to as a female ,”baby I totally understand if you decide to want to change until a man. It’s all fuck up and confusing. Do you have kids???

      1. “So True”
        Everyone doesn’t have to participate some were not raised like that and they don’t want their children and being a part of it and that’s okay it’s not ok when some ppl in the world think it’s not ok to influence other’s especially kids to start questioning their sexuality at such young ages. Look my granddaughter’s are ages 3 and 2 yrs old. Their just babies. Don’t even know what LBGT even is and neither one of there parents are lesbian bisexual gay or transgender. Today on children cartoons also in childrens books displaying explicit things. My grand children are ready for that. It’s just ….. ??? One day I woke up and started seeing kids early as elementary walking around young boys in dresses wearing hair weave and young girls two walking hand to hand kissing. Pain and simple I think the world is going mad and over board with it . There is no respect for those who choose to live in an raise their children in a Christianity way. To each it’s own …I just think there’s a time and a place and a respectful way to do things it’s getting sicking. It’s scary. I do not want my granddaughter’s reading or watching inappropriate X-RATED things. Like the LBGT alphabet book , kids books with little boys with their penis showing with high heels on . That’s not ok . I fear for my grand children. Me and daughter will never leave them any where to spend the night as adolescents because you can not trust who ppl are today . Mom today then tomorrow oh that’s my dad too. It’s crazy

      2. You need to look into your places of worship and make sure your leaders are not the pedophiles and rapists. There are way too many Christian groups that cover up the abuse of their children in the name of your lord. Please do not deny the stories they are real. Please do not deny the use of faith to control and manipulate young children. You are protecting the worst of the community.

    2. I understand why this person/people posted these hateful fliers. Though in some ways I agree with them I wish no harm to anyone unless they actually do groom or harm children.Its weak for anyone to be close minded. Not sure what white christians have to do with it. Im a hispanic christian male.I believe in keeping my children safe. If some adult talks to my children about sex or how they identify sexually I have a huge problem with that. As anyone should. The topic of sexual preference from adult to child should be off the table absolutely. I don’t care about your political beliefs. Just stop talking to children about sex or what your sexual presence is. If the LGBTQ community respected that there wouldn’t be an issue. But when I see countless videos online of that community opening up any statement with there sexual prefence and how they identify its a problem. No one cares, especially children . I don’t open up any statement with hi I’m George. I’m a straight male heterosexual. Thats weird… end of story. Good day and happy hating.

      1. Hi George I’m a gay male homosexual. I grew up Christian in a Hispanic household. I completely agree with you no child should have to know what being straight, gay, or bisexual means. Hell children shouldn’t even have to learn what sex is. My children asked me how babies are made the other day and I didn’t tell them anything because they’re not supposed to know those things. They asked me about their private parts and I didn’t say anything either because they’re not supposed to learn about those things. When my son got a crush on a girl in class I told him he shouldn’t know about those things because he’s a child. When my children ask me why two adults are kissing I don’t tell them because children shouldn’t learn about sexual orientation and what it means to be romantically attracted to another person. My children don’t even know I’m married because, well, that’s a part of sexual orientation too. God forbid children learn that it’s okay to love someone, anyone (that’s sexual attraction). I’m glad we agree George.

        1. That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You can tell them what love is without telling them about sex. I have 2 boys that are 17 and 21. They have never seen anyone straight or gay kiss and asked… why are they kissing? That’s just dumb. If they did ask at age 5 I would tell well I’m glad you asked about those 2 men kiss now I have to tell you about gay sex. That’s the rules. Lol

    3. Stop shoving this down our throats what lgbtq does in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. I’m sure you don’t want me to parade my sexual activity around you or your family

      1. I see a lot of people commenting about being Christians but not one of them brought up about the countless members of the church who have been known to actually groom children and successfully hide it under the church. Let’s talk about that.

    4. It’s not fear, it’s not white Christian power and it’s NOT any form of prejudice, and it’s insulting to throw in uneducated, ignorant and weak but so is the comment about the boogie man.
      “Discretionary thinking” is a better description for it though. If EVERYONE used better discretion, and didn’t have to feel that EVERYONE else should just go with the flow and jump on the entitlement train, this could allow for more harmony. We should all be working at living our own lives, with our own beliefs and choices.
      As parents, we have to explain why other children can do things that we choose NOT to allow our own children to do which is rough enough. Influences from outside source no matter what it is do have effects and for those who do not, should not have anything to do with how we raise or influence our children to make it all about themselves are the epitome of entitlement, ignorant, weak, helpless, and have zero ability to use discretionary thinking. AND that flier doesn’t impose a threat, it is a form of educating, for any who do not know the Lords word. Luke 17:1(a) it is possible that no ‘offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come. It’s a general passage for any/all sinners, to repent, for any/all sins. There is NO personal threat to anyone. Why try to make it one?

  2. I think it is a hate crime to put Christians down for believing in the word of God! We are not on this earth to judge and as a follower of Christ, I will not be judged by other fellow men. Live your life because it is between you and the Lord, but dont condemn me for not condoning what I believe is wrong!!

    1. Classic gaslighting.

      To paraphrase you:

      “Never mind that Christian extremists are terrorizing LGBTQ+ community members (because they know how to copy/paste from The Holy Bible. My way of thinking is right. Yours is wrong. You LGBTQ+ should be the ones on trial for hate crimes. And how dare you say you don’t agree with me.”

      That about sum it up, Darlene?

      1. Otaku B- You are wasting your breath with Darlene and the likes of her. They bastardize the Word of God, in order to push their hateful rhetoric. As a Christian, it’s embarrassing to see people trying to represent Christ followers. Their actions are not those that God of the Bible respects or instructs.
        They are the wolves in sheep’s’ clothing that the Bible warns about. They also seem to forget that aside from blasphemy, no sin bears any more weight than another. Meaning, unless they are without sin, they are as deserving of God’s wrath as the next person, regardless of their sins.
        The hypocrisy is astounding.

    2. You so called ” christians” that support hanging people are not following the teachings of Jesus, who said loving your neighbor as yourself is the second greatest commandment. All the pedophile priests and evangelical ministers out there should be your “sexual” focus….hypocrites!!

  3. This is completely disgusting, the majority of groomers are straight men, NOT LBGTQ. WHAT ARE CHRISTIANS HIDING.? The guilty scream the loudest!

  4. Children minors should not ne subjected to sexual practices of any kind.
    Having them presented w thong clad trans is child abuse.

  5. Leave people alone and let them live. You “Christians” should be ashamed. Worried about the wrong things.

  6. Every time I see a condom commercial in the afternoon I think about all of the BS about grooming and indoctrination. It’s the creepy straight men who groom children for sex. This so called attack on Christians…there is no attack. It’s been a very long time since I’ve come across “true Christians”…those that claim a close association with God yet condemn everything and everyone they do not understand or that chooses to believe differently. Live your own lives and let me live mine.

  7. “LGBTQ “is misleading the masses and trying to turn children away from their innocence by bringing topics in school and teaching them about being gay is ok and they shouldn’t feel ashamed. I have 3 kids and I don’t support clothing apparel being promoted to children trying create confusion in their heads reguarding what sex they are. They are born beautifully the sex that God chose for them they don’t get to chose if they want to be a boy if they are girl. Or a girl if they are boy. The TRUTH is God created man and woman to be together Not no other way. Only man and woman can produce children naturally like it is meant. I’m not blinded by false teachings nor giving in to the lgbtq community. But targeting kids in stores is low and demonic. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. May God rein justice and we get our rainbow BACK! ️ and May God protect the children all over the world.

  8. I grew up with an aunt who is a lesbian and she says our type do not recruit we stayed in our own kind so what you doing your bedroom is your business what I do in my bedroom is my business what you do in front of my children and try to spread and shove down their throat that’s my business too I don’t care what free rights you want you don’t have to go around shoving itdown other people’s throats

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