TALLAHASSEE: Car Repair Shop Posts Hateful Anti-Gay Sign In Public.

TALLAHASSEE: Car Repair Shop Posts Hateful Anti-Gay Sign In Public.

Florida: The HATE state.

A homophobic sign outside Rick’s Auto Repair Shop in Tallahassee, Florida (850) 385-7425 has ignited a backlash in the local community and among social media users.

The sign reads:


Records indicate the auto repair shop is owned by one Rick Hughes. The shop’s sign is known for displaying attention-grabbing, and sometimes controversial messages.

Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow also criticized the business, sharing Peel’s tweet and writing, “I’m not sure the sad, miserable place a person must be in to take the time to put this up, but I do know the majority of folks in Tallahassee reject this hatred and respect the freedom to be who you are, love who you want and support LGBTQ rights every month of the year.”

Jackson Peel, communication director for the Democratic Caucus of the Florida House of Representatives.

“I understand that we are a community with diverse beliefs and opinions, but this crosses the line. It’s offensive, wrong, and meanspirited. Pedophilia and homosexuality are not connected,” Peel told the Democrat. “I think this is wrong and sends the wrong message about our community. We are not this. Implying that LGBTQ people are a danger to our children is an old trick used to justify persecution. Why would the people at a business think this kind of language is ok?”

Perhaps because Ron DeSantis said it was?

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    1. that doesnt apply to conservatives, christians, anti-woke folks, or anyone else else who is not pc. Silly rabbit. This isn’t your dad’s America anymore.

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