Kirk Cameron To Release Anti-LGBT Children's Book For PRIDE Month

Kirk Cameron To Release Anti-LGBT Children’s Book For PRIDE Month

Of course “it” is.

Via The (very Un-) Christian Post:

Conservative Christian actor and author Kirk Cameron will be releasing his second children’s book, ahead of LGBT “pride month,” titled Pride Comes Before the Fall.
The former star of the television sitcom “Growing Pains” gave a preview of the new book, which is slated for release on June 1, during an event at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.
“This is a story called Pride Comes Before the Fall, and it’s a story of a tiger named Valor and his partner named Kevin. They need to learn the lesson of humility,” said Cameron as he addressed a group of children gathered at the library over the weekend.

In an interview with Fox News last year, Cameron cited libraries’ hostility toward hosting a story hour dedicated to his book as “proof that more than ever, we are getting destroyed in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children.”

We will be releasing our book soon: “Kirk Cameron’s Early 20’s In The Bushes of Griffith Park.”

3 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron To Release Anti-LGBT Children’s Book For PRIDE Month

  1. I get the feeling there is some deep seated issue that perhaps occurred in his childhood. His behavior isn’t normal

  2. As an American citizen he has the right to state his beliefs freely. What’s bothersome is some folks do the same championing the drag shows ( with kids in attendance) and they are applauded for their ” bravery” and kirk is denounced for his. I’m not a card carrying Christian. I am an AMERICAN who believes in the constitution.

    1. Right on! I’m not anti-trans, homophonic, trans-phobic or another “phobic” or racist or whatever. Kirk is an American citizen and has a right to speak freely, as per the Constitution. Whatever his beliefs are is irrelevant. Oh, and I’m SO tired of hearing about all the “brave” “stunning” and “trailblazers” out there nowadays. I’ going to give myself a seizure from rolling my eyes so much.

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