Another Day, Another PRIDE Cancelled In FLORIDA.- St. Cloud PRIDE Latest Victim.

Another Day, Another PRIDE Cancelled In FLORIDA.- St. Cloud PRIDE Latest Victim.

Canceling and editing PRIDE events in Florida plays right into DeSantis’ cloven hooves.


Organizers announced on social media that the event — dubbed “PRIDE in St. Cloud” — would be canceled after months of planning. The organizers stated that recent state laws created a “climate of fear” for LGBT people in Florida.
PRIDE in St. Cloud organizers didn’t explicitly state which laws they blamed or how those laws put the LGBT community at risk. However, they did say on Facebook that drag queens, including the event’s headlining entertainment, no longer felt safe performing. They also pointed to an incident in Lake Nona where an electronic traffic sign was tampered with to say “kill all gays.” Organizers said they did not have the money to hire private security for safety concerns.
Organizers also said that refunds for the event would be processed as soon as possible

This is just one of many Pride events which have been cancelled or altered after Florida lawmakers passed SB 1438, also known as the Protection of Children Act.

Should Florida PRIDE Pride be canceled or altered to appease DeSantis and the Florida GOP?

Or should they stand up and defy the Desantis and the law and run all PRIDE events as they usually do?

Sound off below.

6 thoughts on “Another Day, Another PRIDE Cancelled In FLORIDA.- St. Cloud PRIDE Latest Victim.

  1. Kids dont need to celebrate how some people prefer to have sex with. It is no different then if their female mother and male dad had sex. Sex was and should still be a private and intimate agenda. Sex preference is not a circus. Or should male and female couples start having parades because they can naturally produce other humans? I mean come on. Find something to do to support the mentally challenged instead..

    1. Nicely said Daniel,and I think that they cancelled it was that there wouldn’t be enough children to make it worth while.

  2. These events shouldn’t be canceled because of Governor DeSantis. They should be canceled because they are morally wrong and sinful. Stop grooming kids and exposing the public to this perversion.

    1. Let’s cancel all federal and Christian holidays as well. They are offensive and don’t meet all cultures that make up our rich nation. There, it is all fixed.

  3. People need to live their lives as they want !! However making a circus a parade over their choices is really not necessary ! or prideful !

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