TWITTER Accused of Limiting Views of LGBT Tweets and Targeting Accounts.

TWITTER Accused of Limiting Views of LGBT Tweets and Targeting Accounts.

Twitter has an “Adult Behavior” TOS rule. Who knew?

The UK-based research collective has claimed that words such as “trans,” “gay,” “lesbian,” “queer,” and “bisexual” are being de-boosted on the social media website.

While the tweets containing these words themselves are not banned on the platform, the company’s approach to selecting which tweets can appear with a preview pane in direct messages might be a new content moderation approach according to the  Trans Safety Network .

Musk, who has never been a supporter of the LGBT community and his company have also been accused of targeting accounts with LGBT accounts over anything that can be slightly “abusive’ or “offensive” using its new, never announced and selectively enforced “Adult Nudity” rule. Many gay-centric porn sites have recently disappeared or been banned outright while STR8 porn flourishes.

As for targeting for imagined slights. Those against the GOP are immediately banned but But Twitter has no problem with MAGA and the GOP expounding hate and in some cases violence against our community. (Libs of TikTok anyone?)

But I received a 7 day ban for the following tweet for “Abusive Behavior”:

A 7 day ban for a turn of of phrase. All because it was against Jim Jordan.

In the 12 hours after Elon Musk closed the deal, instances of homophobic and racial slurs on the platform also shot up by 500%, according to an organization that studies social media activity.

Combating homophobia and abuse was a problem when Jack Dorsey owned the site. Since Musk’s takeover homophobia thrives and in some cases is encouraged and there is definitive targeting by the platform itself against LGBT users.

It’s time for Twitter and Elon Musk to go.

But since they won’t maybe we should.

What do you think?

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