LOUISIANNA: ‘Don’t Say Gay’ K-12 Bill Gains Traction in GOP Controlled Senate.

LOUISIANNA: ‘Don’t Say Gay’ K-12 Bill Gains Traction in GOP Controlled Senate.

Another day. Another anti-LGBT hate law. – So much for “Laissez les bon temps rouler“.

House Bill 466, sponsored by Rep. Dodie Horton, R-Haughton, cleared the Louisiana House Education Committee in a 7-5 vote. The new bill would prohibit any school employees, volunteers or guest presenters from discussing their own sexual orientation or gender identity.

School employees would also not be allowed to use a student’s preferred pronoun that differs from the gender listed on their birth certificate unless a student’s parent provides written permission. It makes no allowances for legal guardians. 

“This legislation is strictly based on the child,” Horton told the committee. “Our children go to school to learn, to be taught, not to be indoctrinated or confused by anyone else’s ideology.”

Baton Rouge Rep. Barbara Freiberg was the only Republican to vote against the bill. She argued it contradicts the conservative belief in allowing for curriculums and standards to be set at the local school district level. 

Tucker Barker, a teacher, addressed Horton directly in a display of compassion.

“Just because something is confusing for you or new to you or feels new in your understanding of the world, Representative Horton, that doesn’t make it bad,” Barker said. “It’s OK, right. It’s OK to not know something. It’s OK to be learning. It’s OK to be new to our community… Representative Horton, I would love to see you in spaces with queer and trans leaders in your state. Again, feel free to look me in the eyes. We want to have you in the room. We want you to get to know us and our needs.”

 House Bill House Bill 466, will now give to the GOP controlled House floor for consideration.

NOTE: There seems to be some confusion that the “Don’t Say Gay” laws only affect the trans community and drag. IT DOES NOT. In every “Don’t Say Gay” Bill in the US “sexual orientation” is explicitly mentioned meaning the whole LGBTQ population is targeted. This is an important part of these bills that is going virtually overlooked as many publications and in the LGBT community . DON’T SAY GAY affects the ENTIRE community and should be framed as such to get more supporters and the most people involved.

It’s not just trans and drag. They hate us all. Please don’t be fooled.


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