GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Lies About Federal Funds Being Used by Alvin Bragg to Prosecute Donald Trump.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Lies About Federal Funds Being Used by Alvin Bragg to Prosecute Donald Trump.

He’s short. His Mom dresses him funny and he LIES! That is Jim Jordan in a nutshell.

Via Crime & Law:

After being sued in federal court, Rep. Jim Jordan tried to justify meddling in a local criminal investigation by spinning it as a matter of responsible accounting. Jordan claimed that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg admitted to using “federal funds” to indict former President Donald Trump. The only problem is: Bragg actually said the opposite, twice. Bragg’s just-filed lawsuit against Jordan reiterates that there’s no connection between the federal funding and Trump’s indictment.

Like all bullies, the GOP Congressman cries and retreats to a corner when someone pushes back.

And it’s time we push back more.

Jim Jordan is an insurrectionist and traitor to his country. He lies, cheats, and steals.

He is your typical Republican

132 thoughts on “GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Lies About Federal Funds Being Used by Alvin Bragg to Prosecute Donald Trump.

  1. Jim Jordan is a good man ,he is not one of the Democrats that’s why Briggs doesn’t like him . Briggs is Solos flunkie

    1. BRAGG (not Briggs) was required by law to show his list of donors. George SOROS (not Solos) name doesn’t appear on that donor’s list. Trump and Jordan are LYING.

      1. It doesn’t have George Soros name on it because the money was funneled through and organization sponsored by him.

        1. There is absolutely no proof of any money being funneled through an organization to Bragg from Soros. It’s amazing how Trump’s ability to lie has rubbed off on so many of his followers. They want it to be real so they just say it…kinda like an 8 year old. Grow up.

          1. How do you know that Soros $ did NOT go through one OF HIS shell companies. What am I missing?

          2. How do you think Soros gets away with paying all these people. He certainly doesn’t do it directly. There are thousands of organizations he donates to. You would never believe the number of politicians lawyers, judges, law enforcement & so on that recieve funding from him. Plus they are on both sides of the aisle. I don’t care if you believe it. It is a FACT!

          3. Dave H, you are missing that you are a moron who is deflecting and distracting for corrupt liars. Grow a brain.

          4. Everyone is playing the blame game with the people of the United States. When will the people take off the blinders about what is happening. We are being used racism, guns killing innocent children and families. LISTEN in case you don’t know, or just don’t care about our country, we live in America the freest country where life was good and valuable. As people we had learned to adjust and respect each other as a race even if you didn’t always agree. People the devil’s deciples are determined to keep the people separated and in turmoil. All Politicians are now being seen as who they really are and what they want. That is power, money and self. Listen the people and our country are not what’s important, now we know what really matters and it’s not America and it’s people.

          5. Again, how do you know???? I am sure you don’t know Soros detailed life. Kinda like you said. You just say it. Smoke and mirrors.

        2. Bragg and Soros just donated to the same charity. I donate to charities and so do millions of others, some good people, some not, but I don’t personally know them. Get your facts straight.

        3. I think Jim Jordon and the rest of the mob should be kicked out of the “People’s” house and locked up with their godfather. They are all Treasonous Traitors and “we the people ” will NOT allow this to happen. In the past Treasonous Traitors were prosecuted to the full extent of the law! America is a Great Country and “we the people ” have made it great and we were able to do that because our forefathers fought and died for us to have our “Freedom ” ❤❤❤ We the people are not going to allow this “Mob” to take away our Democracy ❤❤❤ We’re not going to take it❤❤❤
          God Bless the USA❤❤❤❤❤❤

          1. We the people need to start calling them out and pushing back hard to stop them. The GOP are all criminals. Some by doing and some by allowing it to happen by not saying or doing anything to stop them. They all need persecuted to the full extent of the law.

          2. I’m with you all of the trumpers should shut up, turn themselves in and be made an example of We don’t want you lier’s in office

          3. Our democracy is sadly being stripped away to form a socialist government. Open your eyes, before our God given America is ruined.

        4. You can always tell a Fox watcher, and a Republican cult member, by the way they just recklessly spew right wing extremists talking points, like everything and all Democrats being “Soros backed.” Hey hypocrites, how about the BILLIONS of dark money dollars used by Republican billionaires to buy Senate and House seats? How about the BILLIONS being spent on Republican campaigns? There are too many to list. The reason they target Soros is bc he’s Jewish, and a Holocaust survivor. That’s just sick.

          1. Believe whatever you want. Because a day of reckoning is fast approaching! And the real truth will be displayed!

          2. They target him because he destroys their community and makes it unsafe. Your brainwashed from college so your just waist of time you only hear what you want hear and won’t let nobody debate it .

        5. Same way Trump funneled money to Cohen for Stormy. Yeah we all know the game….lie, lie, then lie somemore…

      2. The PAC was the go between for the Soros huge donation to Bragg. Oh by the way the PAC is owned by Soros. Look it up.

          1. Why is racist always brought up in a conversation.??? Does it make it more valid, or devisive.

          1. Whats any of your proof? All of you are like little kids calling names, being brainwashed by well known bias media and THAT IS A FACT. And im not talking only about you liberals, the rest of us are sick and tired of listening to both sides squabble, make up lies and do anything to try to hurt the other side. Yall need some help. This country was made great, not by 1000 attempts to find any kind of dirt on a political opponent, but by accepting hey ok my canidate lost this time, but hey this is my president and i need to support him to remain strong in the eyes of the world. Its only 4yrs and if the man fails, we elect someone new. Every single one of you thats making these unsubstantiated remarks about Trump.or Biden are the real problem in our country today so next time you point your finger, look at the other fingers pointing back at the real responsible ones.. you. United we stand, divided we become part of China sooner than later. Wake up America. Lets pray its not too late already.

          2. Well if all the crooked Republicans that are corrupt as you say then all the crooked demotards in Washington because they are just as crooked and treasonous as the rest of them I think th white house would be empty. I just don’t understand why you demotards don’t ever talk about what your Joe Biden has done and his whole corrupt family and being in bed with China and no telling who else . You demotards need to wake up and smell the coffee too

        1. And Clarence’s Republican buddy who gave him $ outright, through property value, is ok to do that? He personally funded many Republicans in Congress. Until a law is stopping this $ for favor route, they own us.

        2. Why bother arguing with a dishonest Republican puppet that is thrives on blissful ignorance of the FACTS? They have the same mindset of the traitors and enemies of USA democracy that attacked our capital. Donald Dump should have been in jail already and long ago!

          1. The Republibums no longer operate as a political party, but are now operating as a cult. tRUMP has brought so much division, hatred and racism to our country. Republibums lie for him and blame others for his wrongdoings! It’s really sad that one corrupt man has such evil persuasion over an entire political unit. Republibums are doing everything possible to keep him from going to jail, even though he should go! tRUMP is a perpetual, sociopathic liar , an insurrectionist, adulterer, a thief and a Putin-Russia –loving traitor! Republibums pushed for Bill Clinton’s impeachment for adultery alone; yet they still support tRUMP, despite all of his corruption! They are just as bad as DJT!!

        3. If you had half a brain you’ll know that the DA is no rogue, but Trump is quite patently and blatantly a rogue and much more.

        4. Rogue DA, you say. BS. DA Bragg is just doing HIS JOB! Go ahead & worship at the feet of the GRIFTER, ADULTERER, TRAITOR, & I do believe, PEDOPHILE! (You ever look at him when he’s talking about his daughter, Ivanka. He doesn’t talk that way about Tiffany, poor girl.) And how he was known to roam into the dressing rooms of Miss Teen USA.

          1. I would like to remind you that he was Epstein’s next door neighbor for years and a personal friend of the pedophile.

      3. Soros does not use his own name. He uses other people or organizations to hide that he is involved in the attempt to destroy the USA.

        1. Whoever you are, you are as stupid as stupid can get, get up off your knees and stop kissing the Donald duck butt and licking his boots, grow a spine and get some integrity so your family can stop being ashamed of u.

          1. Why bother arguing a dishonest Republican puppet that is thrives on blissful ignorance of the FACTS? They have the same mindset of the traitors and enemies of USA democracy that attacked our capital. Donald Dump should have been in jail already and long ago!

      4. Jim Jordan should be taken off committees for continually lying and not telling the truth.
        He is a disgrace to his position in Congress.

      5. That is what they do lie lie lie people got to see at some point everything that come from most Republicans are LIES

      6. If wire fraud can be proved it could bring the trump house done.
        Just what could well occur to Bannon this November.

    2. You must only watch FOX for your information. The news that lies about everything and is now being sued by their stockholders!

    3. Democrats don’t dislike him . he’s a liar and republicans should not condone the lies

    4. Why does he lie so much? As President Trump told over 42 thousand lies! And still lying to this day. So what’s your point?

      1. You’ve got a President and his whole administration that lie every day and you’re worried about Jordan and Trump.

      1. Jordan you can’t believe anything he says because everything comes out of his mouth is a lie. He always a lier he needs to go

        1. Lmao@ lier…. perhaps you meant liar? If you cant spell a basic word you think anyone cares what your opinion is? You’re a lier

          1. First of all Eric people misspell words how many.tines have you done ? So it’s not really cool at all. Jordan is a piece of shit what kind of person would sit back and lie and knowing that these young men being molested and did nothing to protect them instead he just failed and destroyed these young men life’s. I don’t understand how some people still want this piece of shit in office this piece of shit along with Green will destroye our country mark my word

          2. Jordan’s defense of Trumpty Dumpty is in part because Jordan and his gang are guilty of partisapating in what happened on J6 … MARK MY WORDS this will come out when the special prosecutor finishes his investigation …

    5. Go kick rocks in ur backyard .Ole McDonald stole from the new Yorks by lieing at his taxes.Did he give you any of that fraudulent money?

    6. Pls reread the article. Also, listen very closely, Bragg has NEVER said he didn’t like the ex 45 or pedophile Jordan. He’s never threatened anyone. It’s unfortunate U have a problem comprehending who & what has been said.All hate comes from the ex & pedophile

    7. Whether Soros’ PAC gave ANY – even $1.00 — to Braggs campaign is IRRELEVANT! The evidence speaks for itself! Trump can go to court, like any other person, and prove his innocence. NO ONE is above the law. The NYC DA’s office brings more charges against companies for improper record keeping than any other city. White collar crime is still a crime, regardless of who does it. Let him have his day in court like anyone else in the United States. With focus on donations? Not like Spros called him up and said manufacture proof against Trump and his organization. It is always follow the evidence!!! If he is innocent, his lawyers will prove it in a court of law like everyone else has to!

      1. Kit, last time I looked at the laws. You are to be presumed innocent “until” proven guilty.
        Trump does not have to prove his innocence. Only Democrats think this way

        1. Come on now that’s the way it supposed to be. But all knows the true reality. its never been that way ” Don’t forget the INNOCENT Central Park 5# That Trump spent thousands to influence New Yorkers of their guilt” That impeded the investigation. Causing their unjust convictions ! He even called for their executions! & They were only saved by
          New York’s laws not allowing executions of minors” Then even after the years those kids spent locked up” Once the true criminal was finally caught” Donald Trump our then POTUS STILL REFUSED TO EXCEPT HE WAS WRONG NOR APOLOGIZED FOR HIS PART! So no your wrong it’s guilty until proven innocent!

    8. Why bother arguing with a dishonest Republican puppet that is thrives on blissful ignorance of the FACTS? They have the same mindset of the traitors and enemies of USA democracy that attacked our capital. Donald Dump should have been in jail already and long ago!

    9. Jim Jorden is a crook and should be locked up with his former president. This is the crook who said nothing and looked the other way whe a doctor molested several students. There nothing good about Jorden he is an evil person.

    10. Jim Jordan is an insurrectionist and is a traitor to democracy!
      He is a proven liar, a racist and a fascist. He promotes nothing but propaganda. He is a danger to this country and should be recused of being a human being.

    11. Gym Jordan ignored the Ohio State young athletes being sexually abused and lies, cheats and yells to defame others to protect treasonous Xpresident trump. Jor$an went to a third rate law school, never passed the bar exam and is totally unqualified to head his bogus investigation. Your support of such a treasonous pathetic man identifies y9u as not very bright or a supporter of democracy and our constitution.

  2. If you ask Jim Jordon a question, the only answer he gives is what about Hunter Biden isn’t anybody going to investigate him. That is all he can talk about. He knows nothing about what can be done about inflation, immigration, gas prices or gun violence. It’s all about revenge!

  3. Its about time Dems push back. Those lying misinformationist needs to be shown enough is enough. They think they can push and push and do what tgey want then cry & yell foul when challenged.

  4. Get rid of all the Republicans that were in on Jan 6th attack of our Capital. Plus others that were in on it.

    1. Agree, Repubs were in on the whole scheme to overthrow the US Government, period, end of story! Major schemers should be on the street!

    2. That would also mean getting rid of 60 FBI agents that were in attendance instigating the protesters.

      1. There wasn’t one fbi agent there instigating. Don’t you remember Asshat Carlson going through hundreds of hours of footage and even he couldn’t find ONE fbi agent.

  5. Most republicans are lying Hippocrates . I hope we vote EVERY one out that we can . Desantis is a total bully and scumbag like trump

  6. I knew this great country was having problems like many other countries. However, I didn’t know it was going down so fast in a disgraceful manner; like a cube of sugar melting in a hot cup of coffee. Is this the country that once used to be known as the great United States of America? I don’t think so now and it’s very shameful!! Even the Supreme Court has become a total disgrace and now operates on a partisan basis! What a total disgrace. I would suggest that the entire Supreme Court justices be fired and remove from the bench, be replaced by another group of justices who can be NEUTRAL as they should be. Why would those responsible for creating the law, responsible for upholding the law, break the same laws before enforcing them, really??

  7. It’s pathetic how the republicans keep bringing up Soros when they all keep getting money from Crow, Koch bros, Conn and all those billionaires to upset this country &destroy it with the evangelicals but no one is supposed to call them out! Oh and let’s not forget the oil companies that line the republicans pockets too to tank the democrats because they don’t like the fact the democrats are trying to save the planet while their destructive actions are tearing it apart

    1. Now let’s not forget the NRA. Republicans don’t seem to understand that the majority of Americans want ban on weapons of war. No one needs an AR15 on the street, but they do not say that people can’t carry a hand gun if properly purchased and documented The republicans really choose to ignore that fact.

      1. Why bother arguing with a dishonest Republican puppet that is thrives on blissful ignorance of the FACTS? They have the same mindset of the traitors and enemies of USA democracy that attacked our capital. Donald Dump should have been in jail already and long ago!

  8. What I do not understand is how Trump got out of treason, murder and incitement of a riot to take the capital. My entire family have defended America and peace in the world. How on earth can you call a eloquent man a liar? Are Republicans pleased with themselves? I use to like a few of them. But now you never know who stirred the proverbial shit pot or who is throwing it. I have never been so embarrassed with our country all the things Trump and his ever present trolls are doing. If anyone had common intelligence there was a documentary done on Trump before he ever took office. Does anyone remember the school he formed for embellishing a persons wealth. Where did those funds go? Plus the laborers who built his casino in Jersey who were stiffed of their money for payment of jobs performed. Lastly take the time to speak to Trumps niece Mary.
    Trump stole her fathers money and estate and she was left with nothing. She had to raise one of her very sick children without an ounce of help. Trump is a narcissist. For additional study look that term up and you will see his picture.
    Biden may have faults but who doesn’t? At least he has worked very diligently on restoration of Americas reputation. No one is having funds misappropriated. We need to analyze what is best for our country. And anyone who participated in January 6th should be in the same place as most of the rioters. Including all the guilty republicans. Think about this if we were guilty of anything that was illegal in Trumps cast of characters where would we be at as commoners? The same place as the rioters. So why shouldn’t Trump be held up to the same standards as well as the culpable republicans.
    It is hard for me to swallow that I had my grandparents, my father, brother, husband, uncle, nephew fight in wars to protect Americans and see this injustice occurring .
    We need to examine this intelligently.

    1. Bonnie, Thank You Sooo Much for saying what you said! God Bless You & Your Military Family for Your Service! We Appreciate You ALL! ❤️♥️

  9. I think some of you Democrats cheese fell off their crackers. Jim Jorden is a very good man. And he’s absolutely right. And when Trump runs again I WILL DEFINITELY VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN.

    1. Connie I feel sympathy for you. They are not good men they are evil. What so many of you possess is the lack of bias opinions. All of you who support these type of people are encouraged by their errant ways. You and so many of their supporters are brainwashed. As a suggestion go sit some place quiet and write down all of the inappropriate incidents which occurred during Trumps presidency. He has so many foot soldiers like Jim Jordan that the only thing they can see is money for their pockets. Ethically they all should step down so their can be a fresh start and everyone could debate peacefully without the constant pressure of lining their accounts.
      You really need to analyze, look at facts.

    2. Connie, You’re an ABSOLUTE IDIOT! It’s people like you that will keep Trumps lies going. And it’s people like you that cry fowl when you’re called out and put in your place! You’re such a Trump puppet!

  10. If trump becomes president again say goodbye to everything you hold sacred.if you have said anything negative about him on twitter or will be hunted down thrown in prison tortured along with your friends and loved ones and your life will be will be the last election as trump appoints himself dictator for life.Putin,Kim jung un and Chi of china will be like angels compared to the horrible evil that trump and his republican bootlicken storm troopers will unleash on true believers of pe ace and freedom.this scary shit.GOD HELP US.

  11. I think some people need to take a step back and look at what’s been going on since Biden took office high prices across the board ,everyone’s retirement, savings are dwindling. Threat of war with Russia China,Korea. The war in Ukraine would of never happened if Biden didn’t stop oil production in the US forcing Europeans to by off of Russia. Democrats had control of house and senate why didn’t gun laws pass then. Biden administration lies to the American people every day

    1. Trump lied about everything everyday multiple times a day! He started that mess with Russia and the Ukraine and got pissed when Ukraine said no! He gave Putin a silent blessing then here comes Putin as soon as he got it from Donald. Many people are going to lose so much including their own lives if People don’t stop following Trump. Trump doesn’t care about any of you folks that like him He wants to be a DICTATOR in the USA, like CHINA, NORTH KOREA!

      1. And you think Joe Biden does he is not even man enough to be a president when all he does is hide put in Delaware he is a big joke

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