ALABAMA: New Bill Would Extend Alabama’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law to 8th Grade

ALABAMA: New Bill Would Extend Alabama’s “Don’t Say Gay” Law to 8th Grade

Last year several anti-LGBT bills passed and were signed into law in Alabama. One, HB334, included an amendment that prevented the teaching or discussion of gender or sexual orientations in kindergarten through fifth grade. Now the GOP controlled Alabama Housel filed on April 20 would extend and prohibit the discussion of gender identity or sexual orientation in public K-12 schools and require schools to notify parents if their child identifies as LGBT up until the 8th Grade.

HB354, sponsored by Republican Mark Butler, will extend that prohibition to the eighth grade, while adding more provisions for parents to be notified of their children’s sexual orientation in school and require local boards of education to adopt policies to notify parents if there is a change in their child’s physical, mental, or emotional status. Also, the parent would have to be notified of any medical services or well-being questionnaires beforehand and could opt their child out of those services.

The new bill was not scheduled to be discussed in a committee during this legislative session and also

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